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Bill Plumb was Cassiar's Senior Geologist for many years and shared these photos.

tachilta_lakes_bivouvac.jpg (38869 bytes)
Summer bivuac at Tachilta Lakes 1959 about 80 miles southwest of Cassiar.
Pat Cook, Bob Craig, Alex Briden, Bill Plumb, John Bartle. Briden was my Exploration geologist. Property staked in winter, now we were examining it.
fire_lake_exploration_crew_1960.jpg (48973 bytes)
Fire Lake crew 1960/61: Joe Carlick (cook), Terry Doubt (prospector), (?), Nick Smythe, John E. Carlick (dog packer), John Bartle (driller).
Copper Property found in 1960 by Merl Martin & Terry Doubt, explored 1961 and dropped by Cassiar, Party Chief Steve Pilcher.  Restaked by another company, Not yet in Production.  About 100 miles Northwest of Watson Lake.
nakina_lake_1962.jpg (43008 bytes)
Nakina Lake 1962.
David Rankin, Joe Carlick (cook), Fred Hewett, Lorne Duggan (mechanic), Chuck Ford (pilot), George Jackson, John Bartle, Nazar Zinchuk.
Chopper set out 2-man parties to search an area 30 miles long by 2 miles wide in the Nahlin mountains for economic asbestos deposits from our tent camp on Nakina Lake, 120 miles west of Cassiar across the Stikine plateau, 50 miles SE of Atlin.  Only small deposits of short-fibre found.
art_anderson_alex_taylor.jpg (29719 bytes)
Art Anderson and helper Alex Taylor using Cassiar's river boat on the Yukon river to supply Clinton exploration camp in 1964. Art recognized some Cassiar fibre in Dawson as something he had seen when growing up in Fortymile and Dawson grocer Fred Caley grubstaked him to stake it in 1957. Caley then optioned it to Cassiar.  Art was employed by Cassiar during the development of Clinton Creek, then became #1 on the Clinton payroll.  He was liked by everyone.
clinton_creek_1964.jpg (29344 bytes)
Clinton Creek Advanced Exploration 1964.
Claims surveyor John Motherwell & assistant, geologist Eugene Jackson, driver-mechanic Albert Kutsche, Party Chief geologist Rick Dodge, Yukon Water Board analyst Monte Alford.
geological_crew_1965.jpg (41551 bytes)
Geological Exploration crew 1965: Bill Plumb, Carl Bayan, Jules Lajoie, Ed Mackenzie, Gary Truscott, Matt Bell.
Many geologists, technicians & students worked for me at the mine or exploration in 1960s and 70s and have fond memories of Cassiar.
kutcho_crew_1966.jpg (40946 bytes)
Kutcho Creek Crew 1966
Bill Plumb, Jules Lajoie, (student) Laverne Farr, Jim Dennis, (?), Ed Charette (chef),(2 students), Party chief, Matt Bell.
chastot_creek_sept11_1971.jpg (72686 bytes)
Chastot Creek (southwest of Cassiar, near Dease Lake), Sept. 11, 1971
Front row: Merl Martin, Dave Tait, Chuck Caron, Luis Limay & Ed Mackenzie.
 Back row: Paul Caron, (student) & Herb Carlick

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