Bob & Helen Lovell's Page, 1963-67

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helen_bob_lovell.jpg (48148 bytes)
Bob Lovell accompanied by his wife Helen, receiving Raybestos-Manhattan Community Award for contribution to community life. Bob was active with the Boy Scouts and Wolf Cubs, the Curling Club, Anglican Church and more. Helen was recognized for her active participation as well, including at the library.
Excerpted from 1966 Cassiar Asbestos Sheet
open_pit_trophy.jpg (47366 bytes)
Andre Beguin (right) receiving Open Pit Trophy 'B' Award for lowest accident rate, on behalf of employees of Cassiar Asbestos
Excerpted from 1966 Cassiar Asbestos Sheet
art_mrs_mcandrew.jpg (42695 bytes)
Mrs. and Mr. Art McAndrew receiving gift of appreciation for his many years as Principal at Cassiar School
Excerpted from 1966 Cassiar Asbestos Sheet
janet_lovell_birthday.jpg (49300 bytes)
Janet Lovell's birthday party
kids_in_snow_1.jpg (29214 bytes)
Kids in deep snow #1
kids_in_snow_2.jpg (26536 bytes)
Kids in deep snow #2
kids_on_snow.jpg (29035 bytes)
June (with dog), Janet, June, Bob & Judy Lovell and Freddy Day. Note that children are on top of snow piled to window sill.
lovell_kids.jpg (35085 bytes)
The Lovell children Janet, Bob, June & Judy in their panabode
kids_skihill.jpg (24172 bytes)
Kids at the skihill
anglican_church_winter.jpg (40900 bytes)
June Lovell & children at the Anglican Church
Note the snow depth and covered sign
wolf_cubs.jpg (44339 bytes)
Wolf Cubs
My Best Guesses
Front: unknown & Douglas Cook
Middle: Bobby Keneally, Dale Bunce & Gerald Forbes
Back: unknown
wolf_cubs_cake.jpg (52885 bytes)
Wolf Cubs with cake
No idea of any of these except Cub Master Bob Lovell at the back.
cassiar_school.jpg (24996 bytes)
Cassiar Elementary School
Note the long icicles hanging from the eaves
safety_billboard.jpg (44128 bytes)
Two unknown children at Cassiar Asbsetos Corp's Safety Reflector billboard. Way to go Surface Department!
mine_boss.jpg (29242 bytes)
Mine Boss?
equipment_garage.jpg (35736 bytes)
Equipment Garage in the plantsite. Deep slush!
kenworth_dart_65t.jpg (40395 bytes)
Helen Lovell on new 65-ton Kenworth "Dart" truck driven from Dawson Creek to Cassiar.
tramline_grizzly.jpg (25191 bytes)
Loaded tramline bucket approaching hopper where it will dump its cargo of ore.

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