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Tom May
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Joanne Purdy
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Dirk McIntyre of "Dirk and Louise"
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Terry McKiernan
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Marilyn Forward & Ian Stallwood
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Jimmy Ruthig (deceased) & Kathy DeCecco at Jim Doucet's cabin at the Dease River.
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Allen Peck & Carole
carolec_36.jpg (25524 bytes)
Glen Smith, Cassiar 1979-1986
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 Darren DeCecco, Ellen Knowles & Bernd Guderjahn, 1983
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Bernd Guderjahn & Carole, 1983
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 Ellen Knowles, 1983
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Aaron Trip
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Terry McKiernan & Carole
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Bob Kneller
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Joey Pal (deceased), 1985
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 Guy Dubé
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 Woody Woodrow, 1985 with 50 lb salmon caught at the Blanchard River, BC, south of Haines Junction Alaska
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Cindy Fox
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Joanne Purdy
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Schmoo Daze Outhouse race, Allen Davies, Doug ? & unknown. Carole inside the "hot potato"


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 Schmoo Daze races, Bob Beotzinger (baker at cookery)
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 Carole with Second Place ribbons for "hot potato" team in Schmoo Daze Outhouse race
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 Schmoo Daze beer drinking contest
Blaine (checkered shirt under the shiny hoop), Rachel Jospeh (in black flowered shirt), Ian Stallwood (hand on top of head), Rory Lionel (beside him with raised beer), Gary Periard officiating with bullhorn
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Schmoo Daze beer drinking contest
Ladies Team: Carole, Anner McKiernan, Terry McKiernan, Marjorie Morrison in white & unknown in red
At the back leaning over is Donna Knowles, Johnny Drzimotta & Bill Deline (both in caps), and Vince Gibson in brown vesting chuggin'
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Schmoo Daze beer drinking contest
Ed Komperdo far left with arms crossed. Bernd Guderjahn behind man in red, Peggy Tomashewski in red coat, Bob Greenway in white sleeved jacket behind Peggy. Donna Knowles holding beer over her head. Lillian Roberts to right of white pennant. Matthew Dmitriuk to her right, with cowboy hat, drinking beer. Next to Matthew are Serena Callow and her dad Jim. In front of them are Danny Harrison, Bill Deline and Vince Gibson (brown vest). Possibly Jack Harley in light blue shirt on the far right. Mary Callow (deceased) on left in foreground with black and white patterned shirt.

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