David Lane's Page, 1966-67

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rollande_david_steve_tramline_crossing.jpg (34152 bytes)
Rollande, David & Steven Lane at the Old Tramline Crossing
Back then the only road into town led through the plantsite which meant all travelers had to go under the tramline. Note the warning signs. Vehicle drivers timed their passage through to avoid being under a bucket and pedestrians were expected to go through the covered walkway. If you look closely you can see asbestos ore on top of the walkway. The buckets went through the final tramline station where they were dumped and often some ore would stick in the upside down bucket for a short time and then drop out on their way back up the hill. The dumping station was only a little ways off to the right of this crossing. Later the road into town was moved around the plantsite.
first_communion_1967.jpg (56569 bytes)
David Lane's First Communion
David, Margaret Voss, ?, ?, ?
Janine Murdoch & Father McCallister
Brian Murdoch on stairs
steven_father_mccallister_david.jpg (37954 bytes)
David Lane's First Communion
Steven Lane, Father McCallister & David Lane
david_at_school_1966.jpg (37345 bytes)
David at the Cassiar Elementary Junior Secondary School
rcmp_post_office.jpg (48376 bytes)
R.C.M.P. Office & Old Cassiar Post Office
carl_rollande_helen_mario_gino_gerry.jpg (39517 bytes)
Carl Stecklin, Rollande Lane, Helen Bollock, Mario Gimmi, Gino & Gerry Lane
& "Puppy" the Chihuahua 
gerry_rollande_dez_etc.jpg (45816 bytes)
On Couch: Jerry & Rollande Lane, Dez ? & Jerry?
On Floor: Larry Spaczinski, Oskar Daum, Carl Stecklin, Rudy Roman & Joe Mezez
at_skilift.jpg (42771 bytes)
At the Ski Lift
david_rollande_stephan.jpg (56743 bytes)
David, Rollande & Steven
oskar_jean_rollande_dez_etc.jpg (46462 bytes)
Back Row: Oskar Daum, John Bradbury, Rollande, Dez, Mario Gimmi, Helen Bollok
Front Row: Erna Daum, Carl, Pauline, Chris Nordland, Victor
gino_rollane_dez_carl.jpg (27469 bytes)
Gino, Rollande, Dez & Carl
rollande_david_georgie.jpg (36139 bytes)
Rollande, David & "Georgie"
helen_unk_hilde_pauline_godin_etc.jpg (54750 bytes)
Back: Helen Bollok, ? Pauline Oven, Mrs. Godin
Front: Hedwig Shultz, Erna Daum, Rollande
cassiar.jpg (51352 bytes)
View of Cassiar townsite (left), plantsite (right) and tramline access road going to the mine
champagne_toast.jpg (47740 bytes)
Champagne toast. Unknown, Helen Bollock, Rollande Lane & Erna Daum
connell_drive.jpg (43156 bytes)
Hedwig Kliment and Rollande Lane on Connell Drive.
Note the old 45 gallon drums that served as garbage cans back then.
gift_1.jpg (48777 bytes)
Douglas Delahunt receiving gift from Rollande
gift_2.jpg (52876 bytes)
Unknown receiving gift from Rollande
kris_nordin.jpg (30216 bytes)
Kris Nordin modeling latest fashions on the runway in the Recreation Centre.
party_1.jpg (52569 bytes)
Front Rolland Lane & ?
2nd Row: ? & ?
3rd Row: Helen Bollock & Erna Daum
Others ? Kris Nordin
party_2.jpg (57100 bytes)
Front Row: Rollande, ?, ?, ?
2nd Row: ?, Kris Nordin, ?, Erna Daum
Back: Helen Bollock, ? & ?

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