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christmas_party.jpg (53963 bytes)
Christmas Party, 1960s
Werner & Gertraud Tischler, Hedwig Kliment, Ilse & Ralph Hoffman, Hedwig & Karl Schultz, Irmgard & Lothar Tischer
gerry_kamlah_frank_kliment.jpg (64279 bytes)
Gerry Kamlah with Northern Pike and Frank Kliment
herb_christel_otto_norman_laurie.jpg (38512 bytes)
Herb Daum, Christel Daum, Otto Kliment, Norman Juraski and Laurie Kennealy, 1960-62?
partying_1960s.jpg (27353 bytes)
Partying 1967
Miki Hisch, Lannetta Hansma, Peter Kliment, ?, Frank Jr. Kliment, ? & ?
theo_brian_otto_leo_herb_wayne.jpg (57551 bytes)
Little Leaguers of 1964
Theo Van Heel, Brian Caron, Otto Kliment, Leo Duri & Herb Daum
Possibly Wayne Wood in the back
graduation.jpg (52390 bytes)
Graduation in Williams Lake, BC, 1978
Frank Jr. & Peter Kliment with their dates.
peter_moose.jpg (70601 bytes)
Peter with his moose trophy. Williams Lake, 1978
frank_jr_hedwig_peter_brittany.jpg (50751 bytes)
Frank Jr., Brittany, Hedwig & Peter
Nanaimo, 2000
frank_plymate.jpg (48205 bytes)
Frank Sr. sailing "Ply-Mate", sailboat of his own construction, in Nanaimo, 1999

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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