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cassiar_offices_1955.jpg (25986 bytes)
Cassiar Offices in plantsite in 1955
taken from Keno Hill Garage
keno_hill_garage_in_plantsite_1955.jpg (24641 bytes)
Keno Hill Garage in Plantsite 1955
This is where maintenance was performed for Cassiar's Transport Division
town_postcard_1955.jpg (43853 bytes)
Town Postcard, 1955
gaston_bella_winter_bunkhouses_1955.jpg (56115 bytes)
Gaston with "Bella" in front of winter bunkhouses, 1955
Bella, a water spaniel, was the first dog in Cassiar and the first dog to have pups there too.
gaston_hammer.jpg (41349 bytes)
Gaston Hammer 1955
christian_arlette_unfinished_house.jpg (36595 bytes)
Christian & Arlette in unfinished house, 1955
arlette_christian_hammer_claudine_leberre_1955.jpg (33142 bytes)
Arlette & Christian Hammer and Claudine Leberre, 1955
summer_bunkhouses_1955.jpg (29411 bytes)
Summer Bunkhouses 1955
gaston_arlette_2000.jpg (42251 bytes)
Gaston & Arlette, December 2000 in Powell River, BC

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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