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Christmas 1955 in Quigley's log cabin.
Heinz Osterburg, Vicky & John Quigley
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At the Voss residence, Spring 1956
Karl Voss, Heinz Beyer, Hilda Voss & John Wilsenack
03.jpg (48570 bytes)
Kennedy Street looking towards Connel Drive & Troutline Creek (South). Summer 1956. Walker is possibly Gaston Hammer
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Christmas 1955 in Quigley's log cabin.
Michael Quigley, Heinz Osterburg & Vicky Quigley
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Royal Bank of Canada 1956. Bank clerk Paul Price and manager Archie Campbell
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Marge McKenzie. October 1959
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Voss Kitchen, 1956. John Wallenborn (Hilda's brother), Renate & Hilda Voss
08.jpg (60637 bytes)
John Wilsenack & Rosemarie Bertram, Winter 1956

09.jpg (53215 bytes)
Voss Kitchen, 1956. Hilda & Peter Voss

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October 1959 Singalong
player unknown, Joyce Thornicroft, Nettie Hood & John Ellis
11.jpg (58414 bytes)
Florence "Flo" Beguin & Ruth Bronson
12.jpg (53273 bytes)
At the Osterburg residence 1959.
Heinz Osterburg, Hans Mischkowitz, Willie Osterburg, Willie's mother & Herta Mischkowitz
13.jpg (47808 bytes)
Hans Mischkowitz, 1959
14.jpg (50491 bytes)
Herta Mischkowitz, 1959
15.jpg (66616 bytes)
John Ellis at the mill lab,1959
16.jpg (56146 bytes)
Elaine "Dusty" Mellor at the mill lab, 1959
17.jpg (63772 bytes)
Bill Metzlaff on an excursion to Chain Lakes (now Boya Lakes), 1958
18.jpg (66877 bytes)
Bill Metzlaff & John Ellis trying to get through on the Cassiar Road, February 1959
19.jpg (68820 bytes)
John, Anita & Marlene Ellis, October 1959
20.jpg (31120 bytes)
Charlie Bronson, October 1959.
21.jpg (30375 bytes)
Andre Beguin on the skihill, winter 1956
22.jpg (42159 bytes)
Craig Hood, Ilse Osterburg, Jo Bragg, Willie Osterburg & Marlene Ellis, October 1959
23.jpg (57827 bytes)
Eve Thirlwell, Bill Johnson, Fred & Marion Murray. October 1959
24.jpg (40967 bytes)
Alex Powell (orig Pavlov) Electrical Supt., Bert Dennis, who worked in the accounting office, Frieda Forbes? Ed Thirwell, Fred Murray presenting farewell gift to Willie & Heinz Osterburg, October 1959
25.jpg (37199 bytes)
Willie & Heinz Osterburg, 1998

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