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kennedy_st_1976.jpg (47831 bytes)
Wendy Harley riding w/ baby Shouna Harley w/ 6 yr old Treena Harley following. 225 Kennedy Street, 1976
harley_and_carter_1978.jpg (28389 bytes)
Shouna Harley, Billy Carter, Treena Harley & Tanis Carter, 1978
225_kennedy_1976.jpg (20640 bytes)
The Harley's house at 225 Kennedy St, 1976. 22+ feet of snow for their first winter in Cassiar.
miles_clark_1979.jpg (34677 bytes)
Miles Clark with a salmon he caught on the banks of the Stikine River, 1979
pete_irene_brown_1978.jpg (41237 bytes)
Pete & Irene Brown and 4-year old daughter Kerry on their way to the Lower Mainland for the last time. August 1978
sheet_metalshop_1978.jpg (19544 bytes)
Sheet Metal Shop in 1978
women_in_pit_1976.jpg (51101 bytes)
"Women in the pit!"
Wendy Harley & Helen Billingsley, crude ore pickers, 1976
women_in_mine_1976.jpg (56722 bytes)
Crude ore pickers: Helen Billingsley, Henny Robichaud and Sue ?, 1976
mine_conveyor_1979.jpg (31997 bytes)
Mine conveyors at the crusher and tramline station on the left, 1976
elsie_reg_duke_1998.jpg (47563 bytes)
Elsie & Reg Duke, 1998
zimmicks_1992.jpg (47395 bytes)
Jack Harley, George & Mrs. Zimmick at the claim at Centreville, 1992
mary_fentie_1992.jpg (42358 bytes)
Mary Fentie and Jack Harley in Watson Lake, YT, 1992. Mary used to own the claim where Snow Creek crossed the road.
jack_mighty_moe_1992.jpg (62842 bytes)
Jack Harley and Might Moe, 1992
mighty_moe_shower.jpg (37560 bytes)
Mighty Moe's Shower, 1992
$1.00 @ head or $2.00 for a single

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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