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1992_Final_students_at_Snowridge.jpg (64440 bytes)
Final students for Snowridge Elementary. It was taken on their trip to the 1992 Prince George children's festival.
Derek_Walker_1991.jpg (26735 bytes)
Derek Walker who owned Jen-Dev Catering with Tim Walters.  They ran the cookery.  Taken in their restaurant at Jade City in the summer of 1991
Norma_Ray_and_Derek_Walker.jpg (49598 bytes)
Norma Ray and Derek Walker
Tim_Walters_1994.jpg (17728 bytes)
Tim Walters.  He and Derek owned Jen-Dev Catering which ran the snackbar and cookery in the later years of Cassiar. Photo was taken in 1994 in Dease Lake.
Street_Winter_1992.jpg (30974 bytes)
Cassiar Street 1992
snackbar_1992.jpg (41580 bytes)
Entrance to Snack Bar. January 1992

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