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noses_party.jpg (39751 bytes)
"Nose & Moustache Disguises"
Front: Jerry Terreberry, Ken Spence & Jill Dowgray
Back: Rick Prosser, John Eisner, Bernd Guderjahn, Mary Comper & Bruce Leckie
vancouver_bound.jpg (41467 bytes)
"Vancouver Bound"
?, ?, Bruce Leckie, ?, Darren Dececco, Walter Comper, ?
at_bear_glacier.jpg (51501 bytes)
At Bear Glacier
Jutta Voss, Walter Comper, Rick Prosser, Bruce Leckie
schmoo_daze_hawaiian_1979.jpg (40743 bytes)
Schmoo Daze 1979 Dance "Hawaiian theme"
Jerry, Paul Archer, Paul Brohman & Dave Dunkin
iona_vince_karen.jpg (43348 bytes)
Schmoo Daze 1979 Dance
Her Honour Iona Campagnolo British Columbia's Lieutenant Governor (while serving as our Member of Parliament ), Vince Gibson, Carin Tischler
bonspiel_committee.jpg (50866 bytes)
Curling Bonspiel Committee
Back: Glen Billingsley, Blll Pratt, Jerry, Bonny Boyd, Bill Nymier, Dalton Prince & Eric Johnson
Middle: Betty Carter, Helen Billingsley & Betty Cavanaugh
Front: Megan Lloyd-Jones & Margaret Voss
betty_bill_betty.jpg (47164 bytes)
Betty Cavanaugh, Bill Nymier and Betty Carter
bill_and_bill_pratt.jpg (54636 bytes)
Bill Nymier & Bill Pratt (masked)
bill_pratt_bonny_boyd.jpg (61407 bytes)
Queen Bill Pratt and "Gay Queen" Bonny Boyd
Richard Rudkowsky in orange curling sweater
jerry_dalton_prince.jpg (51511 bytes)
Jerry and Dalton Prince
paul_brohman.jpg (42348 bytes)
? and Paul Brohman
Longest Day of the Year Party, Quartz Creek, circa 1977
tracy_kirk_dave.jpg (54334 bytes)
Tracy Zemenchik, Kirk Miller & Dave Chapple
new_years_1982_1.jpg (36931 bytes)
New Years 1982
Jerry, Darren Dececco, Bruce Leckie, Mary Comper, Margaret Voss & Carol Fugere
new_years_1982_2.jpg (34428 bytes)
New Years 1982
Mary Comper, Bruce Leckie, Mary Connolly, Walter Comper, Vivian Kneller
Ralph Voss on top
darren_bruce_ana_mary.jpg (42223 bytes)
Darren Dececco, Bruce Leckie, Ana Santos & Mary Comper
lounge.jpg (56943 bytes)
At the Community Club Lounge
Walter Comper & Ralph Voss
Middle: Bruce Leckie & John Eisner
Front: Bernd Guderjahn & Jerry

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