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All from 1960-63 period except bottom photo.
alex_dryden_alice_simchick.jpg (21345 bytes)
Alex Briden and Alice Simchik (now Stewart)
tom_alice_stewart.jpg (19772 bytes)
Tom and Alice Stewart (nee Simchick)
unknown_barbara_tashoots.jpg (23395 bytes)
Boy ? and Barbara Tashoots
jessie_lanen_unknown_yoshi_ickenoi.jpg (32564 bytes)
Cassiar Nurses
Jessie Lannan, ? and Yoshi Ikenouye (in Joan's car)
Chester, Joan's dog with Yoshi
unknown_ken_moir_jeff_parker.jpg (21244 bytes)
Woman ? (married to Ray ?), Ken Moir ? (Royal Bank Manager) and Geoff Parker
cornelius_spoke_joan_ridley.jpg (23257 bytes)
Cornelius Spoke and Joan

Joan Ridley, 2000

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