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1955_soccer_champs.jpg (68300 bytes)
1955 Soccer Champs
Back row: 3rd from left is Danny Demitri
Front row: far right is Sandy Mucci
john_1955_56.jpg (20677 bytes)
John Bertram in mill office 1955-56.
"I sat outside Andre Beguinís office and tallied the production. There were no PCís in those days and everything was entered by hand in a ledger. Trying to balance the input with the output of AAA, AA, A and lower fibers was a real challenge. We installed the Wheelabrator system that winter which helped to keep the dust level down. Itís a wonder any of us survived the dust in our lungs! Some didnít and the rest of us are lucky."
alfie_joos_starting_skihill construction_1955.jpg (92423 bytes)
Alfie Jooss starting construction of the skihill, 1955
alfie_joos_slalom.jpg (24286 bytes)
Alfie Jooss in slalom
Alfie was on Austrian National Ski Team and he died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the mid 60ís at Mt. Baker Ski area.
john_bertram_alfie_joos_skitow_shack.jpg (51260 bytes)
John Bertram & Alfie Joos at the ski tow shack they helped build
ian_murray_john_bertram_man_1956.jpg (57087 bytes)
Ian Murray, John Bertram & Robert Kager, 1957
driller_walter_meyer_1956.jpg (40180 bytes)
Driller, Walter Schmidt, 1956
bill_rice_surveyor_truck_driver.jpg (42369 bytes)
Bill Rice, Surveyor & a truck driver
unk_breaking_ice_water_survey.jpg (51961 bytes)
Unknown helper breaking ice during water survey. He fell in.

student_and_pete_arnell_1958.jpg (33504 bytes)
Unknown student and Peter Arnell on water survey, 1958

savo_birsa_crude_fibre_1955.jpg (52945 bytes)
Savo Birsa at sorting long crude asbestos fibre, 1955
roy_eraut_tramline_tower_july_1955.jpg (48685 bytes)
Roy Eraut on tramline tower, July 1955
tramline_crew_chick_henderson_and_gang.jpg (60282 bytes)
Tramline Crew, 1955
Back: ?, Chick Henderson, Roy Erault, Pete Arnell, ?, ?, ?, Hans Hatzig
john_bertram_double_tension_station_1955.jpg (48580 bytes)
John Bertram on tramline double tension station
john_bertram_stuck_jeep.jpg (63792 bytes)
John Bertram with stuck Jeep in mine
john_bertram_jeep_1955.jpg (41680 bytes)
John with a crunched Jeep. No injuries
pete_arnell_hugh_grenier_engoffce.jpg (33157 bytes)
Pete Arnell and Hugh Grenier in Engineering Office
north_west_2yard_and_kenworth.jpg (41268 bytes)
North West shovel (2 cubic yard) loading Kenworth
mine_trucks_1958.jpg (24567 bytes)
Kenworth trucks in the mine, 1958
kenworth_ore_chute_1958.jpg (42581 bytes)
Kenworth dumping ore in grizzley feeding the ore chute

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