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bertram_wedding_aug_4_1956.jpg (58497 bytes)
Bertram Wedding August 4, 1956
Front Row: Michael Quigley, Marg McKenzie, Renate Voss, Rosemarie Bertram (Bride), John Bertram (Groom), Mary Rapko, ?, Toto Sol, Jean Van Raalte

2nd Row: Rev. Fred Lapham, Doug McKenzie, Merle Little, Fred Murray, Pat Stevens, Alex Bertram, Alfred Jooss (Best Man), ?

3rd Row: Carol McKenzie, Nina Pavlov, Frieda Forbes, Rolli Pelltier (Nursie), Hilda Voss, ?, ?

4th Row: ?, ?, ?, John Quigley, Marion Murray, Sylvia Browning, Bill Browning, ?, John Wilsenach

5th Row: ?, ?, Heinz Osterburg (Usher)

renate_rosemarie_andre_1956.jpg (35533 bytes)
Renate Voss (flower girl) and bride Rosemarie Kermer being given away by Andre Beguin
Taken by Rollie "Nursie"
new_anglican_church_1956.jpg (40363 bytes)
New Anglican Church 1956
Taken by Bill Coran with his large format camera. "We were the first couple married in the church. There was not minister at that time and they flew in Rev. Fred Laphan, Rector of St. Phillip’s in Teslin, YT"
alec_alfie_renate_rosemarie_john_1957.jpg (50714 bytes)
Back: Alec Bertram, Alfie Jooss
Front: Renate Voss, Rosemarie & John Bertram
corrans_and_stevens.jpg (38640 bytes)
Bill & Lila Corran and Pat & Dick Stevens
Bertram wedding, 1956
david_rosemarie_last_day.jpg (50474 bytes)
David & Rosemarie's last day in Cassiar. 1958
david_bertram_gabi_krebs_1958.jpg (55169 bytes)
David Betram & Gabrielle "Gabi" Krebs (deceased)
heinz_osterburg_quigleys_1956.jpg (40973 bytes)
Heinz Osterburg, Viki and John Quigley 1956
Heinz took over from John when the Quigleys left in Feb. 1957. John moved to Thetford Mines, QC then to Sonora California and back to Thetford, where he died in 1977.
lillian_ira_edzerdza.jpg (35832 bytes)
Lilian & Ira Edzerdza in the Quigley residence 1956
 janet_bill_mariette_rice.jpg (40018 bytes)
Infant Janet and Bill & Mariette Rice
quigleys_1956.jpg (46676 bytes)
 Michael, John and Viki Quigley 1956, their last Christmas in Cassiar. John set up the first lab for testing production. They arrived in 1952. Moved to Sanoma, CA.
quigleys_log_home.jpg (26710 bytes)
Quigley's log home out of town
rosemarie_willie_lutz_cabin_mcdame_creek.jpg (48572 bytes)
Rosemarie at cabin of Willie Lutz overlooking McDame Creek (upstream of town)

"I remember playing at the ruins of this cabin while a school boy, in the 1960s."   Herb Daum

232_kennedy_st_june_1957.jpg (53682 bytes)
Snow in June 1957!
Viewed from 232 Kennedy St.
Koberling's house on left & Osterburg's on right.
rosemarie_john_1997.jpg (37645 bytes)
Rosemarie & John Bertram Easter 1997

David Bertram 2008

Rolande "Rollie" or "Nursey" Pelltier in the 1950s
Cassiar's only nurse at the time.

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