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john_hartley.jpg (24914 bytes)
John Hartley, 1963
movie_projectors.jpg (29744 bytes)
Recreation Centre's new movie projectors, 1961
rec_centre_lobby.jpg (23739 bytes)
Recreation Centre lobby, c/w movie ticket window, 1961.
rec_centre_reading_room.jpg (27373 bytes)
Recreation Centre Reading Room by library, upstairs, 1961
rcmp_office_jail.jpg (30089 bytes)
RCMP's old office c/w with log cabin jail out back (foreground)
mike_mulyk_and_man_at_truck.jpg (34785 bytes)
Mike Mulyk and ?, 1964
truck_194.jpg (33260 bytes)
Truck #194, a 35 ton International Harvestor, 1964
194_at_shovel.jpg (33723 bytes)
Truck # 194 at the shovel, 1964
shovel_model_80d_northwest.jpg (28043 bytes)
Diesel powered P&H shovel, 1964
shovel_model_5_northwest.jpg (27507 bytes)
Diesel powered P&H shovel, 1964
ph_1400_shovel.jpg (38790 bytes)
P&H 1400 Electric shovel, 1964


shovel_truck_cable_arch.jpg (30614 bytes)
Haultruck at P&H 1400 electric shovel, 1964
Cable arches suspend the electric cable feeding the shovel so trucks can access both sides of the shovel
john_hartley_2000.jpg (26317 bytes)
John Hartley in 2000

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