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fitzsimmons_robichauds_elhorns.jpg (53883 bytes)
Left to right  . Front row: Laurie and Joe Fitzsimmons, Hine Robichaud (sitting)
Middle: Luigi Robichaud, Kate Elhorn, Michelle Robichaud, Andre Robichaud, Ray Elhorn
Back: Warwick Elhorn, and John Robichaud
Campbell River in 1989
Note: both Laurie and Joe Fitzsimmons have both since passed on.
moose_rib_roast_1.jpg (37421 bytes)
Moose Rib Roast.
Pat Hickman's yard 1985?
moose_rib_roast_2.jpg (47395 bytes)
Moose Rib Roast.
Pat Hickman's campsite at Pine Tree Lake, 1987?
Wally Drzimotta on the left
old_cabin_at_12_mile.jpg (37936 bytes)
Ray Elhorn's trapline cabin 12 miles from McDame Post
womens_hockey.jpg (31539 bytes)
Womens Hockey
tailings_pile_from_airport.jpg (37723 bytes)
Tailings pile from the airport
schmoo_daze_race.jpg (38899 bytes)
Schmoo Daze Race
out_house_race_1.jpg (32261 bytes)
Schmoo Daze Outhouse Race
out_house_race_2.jpg (42937 bytes)
Schmoo Daze Outhouse Race
skating_carnival_1989_1.jpg (24532 bytes)
Can-Skate Kids
"Working in a coal mine"
Skating Carnival 1989
skating_carnival_1989_2.jpg (37744 bytes)
Skating Carnival 1989
Bobbi-Gail Storie, Trina Ann Gleason, Russell Elhorn centre, ?, ?
skating_carnival_1989_3.jpg (37855 bytes)
Skating Carnival 1989
From right to left: Kate Elhorn, Jackie Molan, Mary Molan, Nicole Deyo, ??, Lisa Lamphere, Janice Coran, & the last three on the end ??.

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