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Billy Elsner, Mark O`Connor and Jack Worsel

Cassiar Road, 1973 between town and Quartz Creek.

Nancy Wright & Lindsey Clapson Wedding1979, Whitehorse Ballroom. Many friends were from Cassiar and Quartz Creek were there to celebrate.

Dease Lake, 1973. Nancy recalls "I was asked to dive down to retrieve Heinz Myer’s rifle (who was also a carpenter at the Cassiar mine) which had fallen from the boat he was fishing from. Everything had fallen out!... it reminded me of a Charlie Chaplin movie, because of the way his boots had placed themselves on the bottom of the lake. My payment? …a good bottle of wine."

Aerial shot of Dease Lake from friend, Dick Johnson’s plane.

Dick Johnson’s “hanger” in Cassiar, (he’s standing under it’s roof). The man on top (unknown) was helping by shoveling the snow off of the roof. The walls were made of snow and offered a great protection for his plane.

Taken in our log cabin just outside of Whitehorse at the Carcross turnoff (at Mike Pierce`s place). 1976

Crunched Wabco truck #43. The driver, unknown, only had minor scratches.

Good Hope Lake 1972

Quartz Creek Gold Mine. Taken from our cabin door in Quartz Creek in 1972. There would be ice inside all year long, which made a great place to keep perishable food.

Quartz Creek.winter: Taken from beside our log cabin, which was only about 8’ from there. I remember that “Fat Jack” Worsel got inspired one evening while visiting us, and had decided to see if there was gold in that creek. So he found an old hubcap, and sure enough, after about an hour, he found enough dust to cover his finger nail!

Lindsey Clapson, 1992 in Gaspé, Québec.
Died at
56 of cancer due to asbestosis, on March 29, 2000

Nancy Wright-Clapson, 2002

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