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These photos were taken 1952-1958

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Chuck Caron, Rupert McKenzie, Brian Caron, Ken Scrimger

Ken Scrimger, Nolen Peters, Meg McCall, Mrs. Powell & Mrs. Cruickshank or Lila Coran

Back: Joan Hanley, Marg Scrimger, leSalle? Pirkko Merilainen & Edward Hanley
Front: ? Norm Scrimger, Jean Scrimger
Spring of 1953

Water tower on north side of mill and west of powerhouse, used for fire suppression

Margaret (Peggy) Van Raalte (girl on the front left with her back to the camera). Bobby Van Raalte, (boy in the center of the picture with his face showing, white shirt, dark collar).
Bruce Van Raalte (boy in the striped shirt at the back).

First wedding in Cassiar performed by Catholic priest.
Bride.. Paulette? Groom is Gus Verrault

First wedding in Cassiar performed by Catholic priest.
Bride.. Paulette?. Groom is Gus Verrault

Mr. Craig, unknown Nettie Craig

Standing: Mr. Little with Marg Scrimger, Ruper McKenzie with Jean Scrimger, far left Ken Scrimger
Sitting: Olive Ward, Betty Scrimger, unknown, unknown, Tommy Tigert, unknown & unknown

Rifle on shoulder and shotgun in hand.

Sports Day, 1953

Joe Van Raalte on the right end of the log.
Bobby Van Raalte standing on the ground at the end of the log.

Kneeling on left if Mrs. Olive Ward. Betty Scrimger behind he.
Summer of 1953

Back: Ken Scrimger
Front: Mr. Little (2nd). Chuck Caron (dark jacket), Alfred Van Raalte.

Jean Scrimger, John Berry, ?, John Forbes

Back: Margaret (Peggy) Van Raalte, Jean Scrimger, Joanne Little
Front: Marg & Norm Scrimger, John Murray, Beveryl Van Raalte, Bruce Van Raalte, John Berry

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