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bob_gail_1959.jpg (22197 bytes)
Bob & Gail Kennealy, 1959
bobby_teresa_laurie_1958.jpg (18968 bytes)
Bobby, Teresa and Laurie Kennealy, 1959
kennealy_family_1963.jpg (37140 bytes)
Kennealy Family 1963:  Bobby, Michael, Gail, Bob, Teresa & Laurie
curling_1962.jpg (33967 bytes)
Curling Award, 1962
doug_mckenzie_1962.jpg (33896 bytes)
Doug McKenzie doing the Limbo, 1962
isabel_bob_orr_1964.jpg (36239 bytes)
Isabel and Bob Orr, 1964
michael_teresa_1964.jpg (38848 bytes)
Michael & Teresa Kennealy, 1964
mystery_bob_rupert_mckenzie.jpg (27069 bytes)
Mystery man, Bob Kennealy, Rupert McKenzie's back
mystery_joan_ridley_1962.jpg (31233 bytes)
Mystery man and Joan Ridley, 1962
mystery_leah_callender_1962.jpg (19173 bytes)
Mystery Man and Leah Callender, 1962
poker_game_1960s.jpg (24331 bytes)
Poker Game: Bob Kennealy, Lloyd Selk and Frank Nitti,  1960s
(note the now extinct one-dollar bills)
bob_on_shovel_boom.jpg (39490 bytes)
Bob on Shovel Boom. Northwest Shovel, Model 5
don_hudgeon_bobbi_hudgeon_mystery man.jpg (31666 bytes)
Don (?) Hudgeon, Bobbi Hudgeon and mystery man.
selk_family_1964.jpg (31415 bytes)
Selk Family, 1964
 Elaine holding Sharon, Lloyd sitting beside their son Kevin.
lloyd_elaine_selk_1999.jpg (32038 bytes)
 Lloyd & Elaine Selk in 1999.
teresa_birthday_1963.jpg (42508 bytes)
Teresa Kennealy's 5th Birthday Party, 1963
Back Row:  Michelle Bourque, Laurie Kennealy, Karen Byron, Cindy Byron
Middle Row:  Marie Borsato, Teresa Kennealy, Candace Byron
Front Row:  Faye Kennedy, Debbie Kennedy, Donna Craig and in front of her is Michael
brownie_pack_1963.jpg (47757 bytes)
Cassiar Brownie Pack, 1963
Third Row:   ???, Karen Byron
Second Row:  Helen Joseph (scratching leg)?, Lila Issickson, ???, Barbara Tashoots, Wilma Joseph, Denise Borsato, Brenda Bourque, Laurie Kennealy, Kathleen Hanley, Sylvia Steinert
Front Row:  Christel Daum, Laurie Hanley, Doreen Zelizny, Troop Leader ?, Wendy Byron, June Lovell, Jutta Voss, & Margaret Massin
cassiar_fashion_show_1964.JPG (26425 bytes)
After the Cassiar Fashion Show, 1964
Clockwise starting at 12 o'clock: Laurie Kennealy, Karen Byron, Boy???, Wendy Byron, Candace Byron and Michael Kennealy
brat_pack_1961.jpg (30728 bytes)
"Cassiar Brat Pack 1961"
Back row: ?
Raymond Ritchat with snowball, Gerald Forbes on his left. Kiernan Normoyle on the right.
Up the middle: Bobby Kennealy, Otto Kliment and Donald Hanley
Laurie_Kennealy_2000.jpg (28221 bytes)
Laurie Campbell (Kennealy),

Family of Laurie Campbell (Kennealy), 2000
Jim, Laurie, Patrick, Jody, Allison, Erin & Ian
bob_kennealy_texas_2000.jpg (22846 bytes)
Bob Kennealy, Texas, 2000

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