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laurie_bob_leo.jpg (42538 bytes)
Laurie & Bob Kennealy & Leo
tricycle_races.jpg (43023 bytes)
Adults: ?, Irene Hanley & Marge McKenzie in the back, Rupert McKenzie up front.
Children: Brian Caron on far right.
walter_rosanna_mary_leo.jpg (35740 bytes)
Walter Comper, Rosanna Demitri, Mary Comper & Leo
brian_sitka_misty_leo.jpg (27509 bytes)
Brian Caron & Leo
"Sitka" & "Misty"
paul_brian_sitka_leo_snoopy.jpg (29677 bytes)
Paul & Brian Caron & Leo
"Sitka" & "Snoopy"
chuck_corinne_heather_leo_norman.jpg (30543 bytes)
Curling Bonspiel Awards 1967-8
Chuck Caron, Corinne Nitti, Heather Gander, Leo & Norman Day
gina_erna.jpg (45357 bytes)
Gina Duri & Erna Daum
Working in the Snack Bar
duri_family.jpg (47088 bytes)
Robert, Gina & Leo
June 2000
duri_family_and_friends.jpg (57405 bytes)
Back Row: Megan (Liz's sister), Roy (Liz's brother), Chrissie (Liz's niece)
Front Row: Leo, Gina, Eric (Liz's brother)  Liz Duri
June 2000
cassiar_from_mine.jpg (27761 bytes)
Cassiar from mine
sports_field.jpg (29377 bytes)
Sports field & Community Club

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