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 Tony ?, Lothar Juraski,  Marvel Nitti,  “Kinky” Borsato
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Jack Berry,  Lothar Juraski,  Marvel Nitti & Nick Gritzuk
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?,  Julie Caron,  Heinz Beyer,  ?
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Marion. Murray,  Walter Schmidt,  Rupert Mackenzie,  Jack Berry &  Heinz Beyer
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Reg Hewett.  ?,  Heinz Beyer,  Pat Stevens,  Craigie Hood, Charlie Schorlemer
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Marion Murray,  John Wallenborn (Hilde Voss's brother) ? (electrician), Alex Powell &  Rupert McKenzie.
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Georg Wachter, Brigitte Wachter, Ursula Beyer,  Rupert Mckenzie,  Heinz Beyer, Renate Maibaum & “Shorty” Berne
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Charlie Bronson, Julie Caron, John Hyrnchuk,  Kurt Froman
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Ursula Beyer,  Fred Murray,  Sigfried Maibaum, Renate Maibaum &  Heinz Beyer
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Wolf Juraski & Harry Lewak (with his ever-present half-cigar) on Dease Lake, 1958
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Harry Lewak with the boat that he and Lothar built in the Carpenter Shop for Craigie Hood. Winter 1960-61.
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Craigie Hood with the finished boat, on Dease Lake, September 1961
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Craigie Hood's old cabin and the 2-storey boat house on the far side of Dease Lake. 
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Craigie Hood’s cabin on Dease Lake, 1961
Chris Juraski, Lothar's mother, Wolf, Norm and Craigie Hood
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Nurse Joshi, Eddy Zaremba, Tony ?, another nurse, Lothar's mother (visiting from Germany), Chris Juraski, Vern Kraenbrink, George Wachter, Erich Mehlhart & Brigitte Wachter
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Eddy Zaremba & Nurse Joshi
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Erich Koeberling, Georg Wachter & Norm Juraski
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Old jail at Laketon on the far side of Dease Lake.

John Murray recalls "The name of the community was Laketon. Laketon was at about 7 mile on the far side of the lake, just south of the mouth of Little Dease Creek. The jail had two (or three?) rows of carefully planted deciduous trees - kept those prisoners busy! There was also a small fenced enclosure not far from the front of the jail. It contained three graves of people who were hung for their crimes. (Apparently their crimes were so heinous they could not be buried in the nearby cemetery where everyone else was buried!) In the late 1950's Jack Johnson (who lived in the the old warehouse of the Kaska Fur Trading company - I believe that's the building that became Craigie Hood's cabin. I spent many a happy week-end in that cabin while Jack still owned it and he told me these unfortunates had been hung for stealing from sluiceboxes."

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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