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26.jpg (7673 bytes)
Midnight sun in June 1962
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Juraaski familly in 1963: Norm, Chris,Karen (2 months old) & Wolf
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Juraski house on Drybrough Street  & their car, a 1952 Ford 4-door with Flathead V-8
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Juraski's VW Beetle,Wolf and "Shorty’s" Beetle, Sunday morning, June 1963, a few miles out of town.
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Chris and Wolf at Chain Lakes, 1962
34.jpg (33812 bytes)
Brian Caron, ? &  Diane Caron and a young eagle at Chain Lakes
11.jpg (38649 bytes)
Konrad Rettich, 1957, putting up power poles and stringing wires for the 'new' shops in the plantsite. Note how much higher the mine site was back then!
37.jpg (24017 bytes)
Curling Party, 1961
Marvel and Frank Nitti, Chris Juraski, Ilse Hilger, Vern Kraenbrink, Marianne & Walter Schmidt, Fred Holcapek, Hartmut Hilger [standing] Erich Mehlhart (back to camera) & Lothar Juraski (facing camera)
38.jpg (30614 bytes)
Vern Kraenbrink, notice Dovetail woodwork on cabin near McDame Post on the Dease River.
40.jpg (36969 bytes)
Heinz Beyer’s houseboat at Chain Lakes, August 1963
Vern K. on speedboat
15.jpg (32566 bytes)
Ilse Hilger & Frank Nitti
23.jpg (29445 bytes)
Wolf, Norm and Chris Juraski, Christmas 1962
Taken on the sports field, in front of the snack bar and bar
12.jpg (34177 bytes)
Lothar and Chris Juraski at the mine, when they flew their plane to Cassiar in 1975
13.jpg (43313 bytes)
Juraski's Piper “Cherokee” at Cassiar airstrip, 1975
21.jpg (18596 bytes)
Boya Lakes (formerly Chain Lake, as seen from the air)
22.jpg (17820 bytes)
Good Hope Lake, as seen from the air.
25.jpg (12501 bytes)
Frank Kliment's airplane which he built in Cassiar. Frank took the photo of the plane from Lothar's plane about 2 miles from town while a friend piloted it.
24.jpg (26790 bytes)
Frank Kliment and Chris on Cassiar tailing pile in 1975.
Airstrip in background and the First Nations village on its left

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