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 Cassiar plantsite
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Cassiar Sportsfield, the CCC Lounge and Snackbar and the Catholic Church to the right. Cassiar mine in the background
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 Connell Drive. Curling Rink in the foreground on the right.
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Cottonwood River fishing: Drago Lagarusic & Dragan Cvetkovich
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Connell Drive : Julie Creyke and Tina Cvetkovich
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 Cassiar plantsite and townsite viewed from skihill
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Camping weekend by the Guarducci's cabin: Ciro Guarducci, Maria Bexiga, Marcel Bernier
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Boya Lake: Lisa Drzimotta & Linda Hurlburt
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Graduating class mountain climb: Deeny Walters
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Community dance, Theme: The 50's
    Dragan Cvetkovich, John Hurlburt, Pat Waldera, Bob Wilson, Alan Evans, June Evans, Maria Cvetkovich, Linda Hurlburt, Anita Wilson, Ethel Songhurst, Mrs. Baker

Dr. John Hurlburt hugging "Santa" Judy Gwilliam at the Christmas party for Cassiar Hospital staff
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Ellen Artico & Roland Rudkowsky
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Royal Bank staff celebrating 25-th RBC anniversary: Debbie, Johm, Gerry, Johnny, Kathy, Maria, Pat, Monique, Gayleen and the bank manager Peter Beal

Othodox Christmas: Maria Cvetkovich, Dragan Cvetkovich, Slavica Jovanovic

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