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Pat Watson
Operator owner of "Shirts Only" for 5 years.
April 1978-Decemeber 1982
Bill_Watson_Jr_as_Santa_and_Bill_Watson_Sr.jpg (32778 bytes)
Bill Watson Sr. receiving gift from Bill Watson Jr. "Santa". Both served as mechanics in Mine Garage
Bill_Watson_Jr.jpg (33980 bytes)
Bill Watson Jr.
Kim_Watson_1977.jpg (31007 bytes)
Kim Watson, 1979
Pat_Watson_1977.jpg (23074 bytes)
Pat Watson, 1977
Terri_Watson.jpg (19330 bytes)
Terri Watson, graduated from Riverview High in Sydney, Cape Breton Island. 1984
Candy_Watson.jpg (42486 bytes)
Candy Watson
Dave_Tochacek_BIll_Watson_Jr.jpg (43340 bytes)
Dave Tochacek & Bill Watson Jr.
Al_Keim_Pat_Watson_Christmas_1979.jpg (40712 bytes)
Pat Watson & Al Keim, Christmas 1979
Bill_Watson_Don_Larsen.jpg (25299 bytes)
Bill Watson & Don Larsen
Pat_Bill_Wes_Young.jpg (30734 bytes)
Pat & Bill Watson & Wes Young
Greaser Dance, 1978
Joanne_King_Terri_Watson.jpg (18392 bytes)
Joanne King & Terri Watson
Shawn_Whelan.jpg (23211 bytes)
Shawn Whelan
Wayne_and_Dauphine_Canning_1980.jpg (21189 bytes)
Wayne & Dauphine Canning
Zlatko_Goldie_Kavaz_John_van_Damme.jpg (29584 bytes)
Zlatko "Goldie" Kavas & John Van Damme, Mine Garage

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