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Schmoo_Daze_1981.jpg (69866 bytes)
Schmoo Daze Parade 1981
Sesame Street Theme
Community Club Manager Gary Periard dressed in long johns with the "Lionesses". Carlene with Garry. Rita Brown at Gary's right elbow.  Followed by Lothar Kutz. Outhouse balcony manned by Kermit the Frog (Brian Chandler) and Dr. Bob (Gerry Gramek). Helen Read as Gonzo. Nadine McGinley as Miss Piggy in the outhouse. Pam Krawczyk with Union Jack followed by Bev Storey. Also Tim Walters behind Gary. Also Grace Kurian and June with other flag 
phebe_post_office.jpg (18732 bytes)
Pheobe Randell, Post Office
Yvette_Brown_Cassiar_Post_Office.jpg (28872 bytes)
Yvette Brown, Post Office
.Cecil_Terris.jpg (39650 bytes)
Cecil Terris
Len_and_Lauretta_Moth_Christmas_1978.jpg (37436 bytes)
Len & Lauretta Moth, Christmas 1978
Dave_Chapple_1980s.jpg (9885 bytes)
Dave Chapple, 1980s
Sherry_Chapple.jpg (32198 bytes)
Sherry Chapple, 1980s
Sherry_Sethen.jpg (46133 bytes)
Sherry Sethen
Bob_Sethen_Tracie_Sethen_Louise_Leroc.jpg (31895 bytes)
Bob & Tracie Sethen and Louise Leroc
Gary_Periard.jpg (33340 bytes)
Gary Periard
Brian_Keller_Joey Pal_Stumpy.jpg (19404 bytes)
Brian Keller, Joey Pal & Stumpy
Dave_Sonja_Slana.jpg (47898 bytes)
Dave ? and Sonja Slana
Cassiar Retail Store
Doug_Henry_1981.jpg (26010 bytes)
Doug Henry, 1981
Beth_Merrifield.jpg (33823 bytes)
Beth Merrifield
Chris_Gleason.jpg (30937 bytes)
Chris Gleason
Chris_Gleason_family.jpg (32882 bytes)
Chris & Nancy Gleason & family

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