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lilian_kamlah_at_hospital.jpg (32664 bytes) lil_kamlah.jpg (25188 bytes)
Lilian Kamlah at Hospital c/w closeup
margaret_rokowski.jpg (32040 bytes)
Margaret Rokowski
margretta_mcguiness_dauphine_canning.jpg (17240 bytes)
Margretta Mcguines and Dauphine Canning
marilyn_forward.jpg (16545 bytes)
Marilyn Forward
mark_anita_jonathan_rachel_glaab.jpg (32053 bytes)
Mark, Anita, Jonathan & Rachel Glaab
martha_van_heel_leahann_garbutt.jpg (26856 bytes)
Martha Van Heel and Leahann Garbutt
Glen_Weisenburger_1979.jpg (37150 bytes)
Glen Weisenburger, 1979
Ian_Stalwood.jpg (20038 bytes)
Ian Stallwood
Joe_Beddington.jpg (24192 bytes)
Joe Beddington
June_Holman_Good_Hope_Lake.jpg (27169 bytes)
June Holman, Good Hope Lake
Len_Moth.jpg (48478 bytes)
Len Moth going to work
Lou_Erskine.jpg (36848 bytes)
Lou Erskine
Mary_Comper_ICBC_Office.jpg (33326 bytes)
Mary Comper at ICBC office
Netti_1981.jpg (26447 bytes)
Personnel Manager, 1980-81
Ola_LaBell_Susie_LaBell_1979.jpg (28120 bytes)
Ola & Susie LaBell, 1979
Pansy_Lillian_Quash_and_grandson.jpg (33197 bytes)
Pansy & Dale Quash & grandson
Phil_Sochuk.jpg (24621 bytes)
Phil Soychuk, in Salmon Arm
Richard_Bernier_Mine_Garage.jpg (33615 bytes)
Richard Bernier
Mine Garage Foreman
Glen_Compton_Eric_Glen_Jones.jpg (45599 bytes)
Eric Compton, Eric Glynn Jones and ??. Entertaining in the bar
Debbie_McCullough_Wayne_Byron.jpg (26141 bytes)
Debbie McCullough & Wayne Byron
Donnie_Fulmer_1979.jpg (24738 bytes)
Donnie Fulmer 1979
Roberts_family_and_friends.jpg (56012 bytes)
The Roberts & Friends, 1979
Left panel: Rick Sayer, Brenda Roberts, John Van Damme, Lil Roberts
In front is Terri Watson
Right panel: Harvey Roberts & Tracy Roberts

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