Pat Watson's Faces Page #4

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allysa_tshritter.jpg (28283 bytes)
Allysa Tshritter
anne_edwards_1978_rec_centre_secretary.jpg (29990 bytes)
Anne Edwards at Rec Centre, 1978
mary_ryan.jpg (21111 bytes)
Mary Ryan
bill_watson_jr_sandy_crawford_kathy_dececco.jpg (32267 bytes)
Bill Watson Jr., Sandy Crawford & Kathy Dececco
bob_marilyn_mccauley.jpg (25673 bytes)
Marilyn & Bob McCauley
brenda_lil_roberts.jpg (32849 bytes)
Lilian (deceased) and Brenda Roberts
cori_grey.jpg (23041 bytes)
Cori Grey
deb_mccullaugh_wayne_byron.jpg (29626 bytes)
Debbie McCullough & Wayne Byron
debbie_mccullough_bill_sr.jpg (27967 bytes)
Debbie McCullough & Bill Watson Sr.
doug_du_pont.jpg (30045 bytes)
Doug DuPont
goldie_zlatko_kavaz.jpg (21100 bytes)
"Goldie" Zlatko Kavaz
guy_hnatiu.jpg (34688 bytes)
Guy Hnatiu
helen_ian_reid.jpg (29270 bytes)
Helen & Ian Reid
john_betty_cavenaugh.jpg (26338 bytes)
John & Betty Cavenaugh
kelly_joanne_king_terri_watson_baby.jpg (36172 bytes)
Kelly & Joanne King and Terry Watson holding Heather Collins 8 mos. (Marilyn Whitney and Jim Collins parents)
pat_tracie_brenda_cookie.jpg (32975 bytes)
Pat Watson, Tracie & Brenda Roberts and Cookie Gwarlyk
tracie_sethen_jane_clements.jpg (27811 bytes)
Tracie Sethen & Jane Clements
sherry_jarrod_arnold_tracie_sethen.jpg (28316 bytes)
Sherry & Jarrod Arnold and Tracie Sethen behind
priscilla_quash.jpg (32177 bytes)
Priscilla Quash
shirley_norm_vickery_pansy_quash.jpg (35640 bytes)
Shirley & Norm Vickery and Pansy Quash
terry_tshritter.jpg (23126 bytes)
Terry Tshritter
stella_patsy_bernier.jpg (39352 bytes)
Stella & Patsy Bernier
ted_shirley_lepp.jpg (25395 bytes)
Ted & Shirley Lepp
ted_lepp_miles_clarke.jpg (31013 bytes)
Ted Lepp & Miles Clark
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