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Grade 9 Class of 1961, taught by Art McAndrew
Back row: Roger Borsato, Dianne Ritchat, Peter Jonigkeit, Heather McAndrew,  Raymond Jonigkeit (Peter's brother), Molly Velton (now Dennis), Peter Voss &  Ed Hanley
Front row: Cesar Isidoro, Frances Davies, Kurt Hartmut Hilger, Gladys Calbreath, Wolfgang Beyers, Kathleen Horsley & Nigel Jestico
peter_jonigkeit_1960.jpg (31798 bytes)
Peter Jonigkeit, 1960
judy_jonigkeit_b_1960.jpg (35845 bytes)
Judy Jonigkeit, 1960
ed_hanley_1960.jpg (43722 bytes)
Ed Hanley, 1960
judy_jonigkeit_1960.jpg (39489 bytes)
Judy Jonigkeit, 1960
ed_hanley_1961.jpg (35891 bytes)
Ed Hanley, 1961
On the skihill
peter_jonigkeit_1961.jpg (43763 bytes)
Peter Jonigkeit, 1961
on the skihill
drybrough_st_1960.jpg (36389 bytes)
Drybrough Street, 1960
skihill_1961.jpg (31665 bytes)
Cassiar Skihill, 1961

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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