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confirmation_1960.jpg (41849 bytes)
Confirmation 1960?
Front: Margaret Merchant, Renate Voss, Billie Merchant, Nigel Bailey, Wolfgang Beyer
Middle: Marion Beyer, Diane Ritchat, Keith Bailey
Back: Bishop of New Caledonia. Lay preacher Dave Pritchard
brigitte_glatzel_marion_beyer_renate_voss_caron_kids.jpg (42776 bytes)
Brigitte Glatzel, Marion Beyer & Renate Voss babysitting the Caron childre (Paul, Brian & Diane) plus another infant
Note the condition of the street
brigitte_glatzel_renate_voss.jpg (51971 bytes)
Brigitte Glatzel & Renate Voss


reinhard_ronny_krebs_wolfgang_beyer.jpg (53956 bytes)
Reinhard (Ronny) Krebs & Wolfgang Beyer
karl_voss_heinz_beyer_heinz_osterburg_john_wilseauch.jpg (32419 bytes)
Karl Voss, Heinz Beyer, Heinz Osterburg, & John Wilsenach
citizenship_court_karl_hilda_voss_maria_theo_glatzel_jack_thornicroft.jpg (33688 bytes)
Citizenship Court, 1960?
Karl & Hilda Voss and Maria & Theo Glatzel and Jack Thornicroft behind

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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