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Ilse_Hilger_biking.jpg (42428 bytes)
Ilse Hilger biking, Spring of1964
Mark  Hilger and dog "Arras" in the background.
Dog_sledding.jpg (25785 bytes)
Roland Hilger, Norman Juraski, Wolfgang Juraski. Dog "Arras"
trail_ride_1965_mark.jpg (42894 bytes)
Hartmut Hilger keeping an eye on Mark on the horse.
at_the_store_1963.jpg (49496 bytes)
At the store 1963
Mrs. Ilse Hilger in the tan coat center. Ken Prior's wood truck on right.
card_sharks.jpg (27265 bytes)
Card Sharks, early 1960s
Renate Ruehl, Ilse Hilger, Hedwig Kliment & Herta Mischkowitz
cookery_crew_mar_16_1959.jpg (28951 bytes)
Cookery Crew March 16, 1959
Left: Mrs. Tischler
Center rear: Mrs. Ilse Hilger
Right: Mrs. Herta Mischkowitz
nail_driving_1962.jpg (41593 bytes)
Nail Driving Contest, 1962
Labour Day Sports Day.
Mrs. Hedwig Kliment (R) & Mrs. Ilse Hilger (L) competing
hospital_march_1959.jpg (46691 bytes)
Hospital 1959
connell_drive_hunt_st_sept_64.jpg (33200 bytes)
Connell Drive & Hunt St, September 1964
  town_1960.jpg (80750 bytes)
Cassiar - 1960?

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