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jeannie_hochhausen.jpg (22197 bytes)
Jeannie Hochhausen
bob_brian.jpg (19975 bytes)
Bob Takahashi & Brian Chandler
brian_chandler1.jpg (25831 bytes)
Brian Chandler

peter_bob.jpg (23446 bytes)
 Peter De Zotti & Bob Takahasi
dan_bob_george.jpg (27175 bytes)
Dan Leckie, Bob Takahasi & George Haines
dan_leckie.jpg (28022 bytes)
Dan Leckie
elizabeth_george.jpg (27996 bytes)
George Haines & Elizabeth Rhodes
jeannie_wayne_leckie.jpg (34588 bytes)
Jeannie Hochhausen, Wayne Mayell & Ms. Leckie (no relation to Dan Leckie)
leckie_wayne_brian.jpg (24355 bytes)
 Ms. Leckie (no relation to Dan Leckie), Wayne Mayell & Brian Chandler
rolly_doug_joyce_george.jpg (25735 bytes)
Rolly Grimm, Doug Jackson, Joyce Sherwood & George Haines, Labour Day Weekend, 1976, Chain Lake Cabin
george_haines1.jpg (25303 bytes)
George Haines
wayne_mayell2.jpg (24693 bytes)
Wayne Mayell (without trademark beard)
george_haines2.jpg (28283 bytes)
George Haines

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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