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aerial_1980.jpg (73969 bytes)      aerial_2_1980.jpg (73084 bytes)
Two aerial views of plantsite, the tailings pile, the mine road & tramline. 1980. Big red building and tall building are the mill which burned down Dec. 25, 2000
ron_schmidt_laura_hope.jpg (61411 bytes)
Ron Schmidt & Laura Hope "hamming it up"
marie_anderson.jpg (21656 bytes)
Marie Anderson
john_hope.jpg (25001 bytes)
John Hope
pischler_family.jpg (28618 bytes)
Vibena & Herbert Pischler with their daughter
sean_palmer.jpg (26907 bytes)
Sean Palmer
bar_raising_crew_of_5_1976.jpg (81822 bytes)
The Bar Raising Crew of 1976
Rudy Roman (maybe), Enrico Serravalli, Lorenzo ?, unknown, Ray Empereale (maybe)
ccc_bar_raising_1976.jpg (39545 bytes)
C.C.C Lounge (the bar) being raised. 1976
Many of the panabodes were raised to improve subfloor foundations and insulation.
bar_raising_project_1975.jpg (22162 bytes)
Enrico Serravalli, Bar Raising project of 1976
lorenzo_1976.jpg (14450 bytes)
Lorenzo ?. Bar Raising project of 1976
ray_elhorn_beaver.jpg (34097 bytes)
Ray Elhorn (deceased 2001) skinning a beaver
ray_elhorn_riverboat.jpg (26018 bytes)
Ray Elhorn (deceased 2001) in his riverboat
billy_elsner_1980.jpg (29726 bytes)
Billy Elsner, 1980
donny_fulmer_1976.jpg (20358 bytes)
Donny Fulmer, 1976
henke_wilton_1979.jpg (39036 bytes)
Henke Wilton, 1979
jessica_cameron_1979.jpg (24884 bytes)
Jessica Cameron, 1979
lucky_hayes_1971.jpg (49952 bytes)
"Lucky" Hayes, 1971
peny_kenny_1976.jpg (22857 bytes)
Pene Kenny, 1976
wally_cameron_1979.jpg (31100 bytes)
Wally Cameron, 1979
troy_and_tanya_hope_1980.jpg (31609 bytes)
Troy & Tonya Hope, 1980
tonya_hope_1981.jpg (23198 bytes)
Tonya Hope, 1981
troy_hope_1981.jpg (24955 bytes)
Troy Hope, 1981
heavy_snowfall_1984.jpg (22756 bytes)
Heavy snowfall on abandoned cabin at Quartz Creek, 1984
cusack_mill_1981.jpg (37174 bytes)
Cusak Mill, near Quartz Creek, 1981
tim_mccarroll_billy_elsner.jpg (26389 bytes)
Tim McCarroll helps Billy Elsner with horse coral, 1980
palmer_family.jpg (28543 bytes)
Sean and Janna Palmer with new-born son, Clancy, 1979
quartz_creek_bridge.jpg (30710 bytes)
The old Quartz Creek bridge, intact, July 1980
broken_quartz_creek_bridge.jpg (42847 bytes)
Broken Quartz Creek bridge, August 1980
quartz_creek_bridge_1980.jpg (74446 bytes)
Removing broken Quartz Creek Bridge. 1980

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