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102_muriel.jpg (38328 bytes)
Muriel Havard (now Cameron), May 1979
103_jan_muriel.jpg (20735 bytes)
Jan Kaplicky  (deceased) & Muriel Havard, May, 1979
Ron's reflection visible in mirror over Jan's shoulder
105_junior_milkshake.jpg (25525 bytes)
 A junior milkshake for a junior unknown miss in Cassiar Snack Bar, circa 1978
107_donny_fulmer.jpg (34726 bytes)
 Donny Fulmer on snow removal duty in Quartz Creek, 1976
103_schmoo_daze_outhouse_1970s.jpg (101264 bytes)
 Schmoo Daze characters in full costume, 1981.
Gerry Gramek, Nadine McGinley, Helen Read (now Vander Welle), Brian Chandler, Christine Normand & Wayne Mayell
Wayne wrote: Just to keep the record straight, we not only won best costume that year, but we won it all 5 years we entered an outhouse! On the other hand, the only time we ever came in anything but last in the foot race with our outhouse was when the wheels literally fell off the competition.
1079_raymond_mcphee.jpg (23201 bytes)
 Raymond McPhee clowning around with dentures.
3_miners.jpg (29563 bytes)
Three of the hardrock miners who helped blast a slope into the top of Table Mountain in the fall and early winter of 1972. Their efforts eventually led to the establishment of the Erickson Gold operation. Identities unknown.
glenn_hope.jpg (27891 bytes)
Glen Hope (deceased), one of the first white men to settle in the Cassiar area in the 1930s. Taken in the late 1970s.
cusak.jpg (31658 bytes)
Early construction of the Cusak (?) gold mill not far from Quartz Creek, early winter of 1984 (?).
john_alton.jpg (29282 bytes)
John Alton after a rough day at the office (either a shovel or front-end loader operator on the hill) in the late 1970s.
steve_kenny.jpg (37533 bytes)
Steve "Crunch" Kenny, posing alongside his pride-and-joy, a 1948 (?) Chevy sedan which actually had one of the earliest automatic transmissions. Circa 1980.
jimmy_mcintrye.jpg (41125 bytes)
Jimmy McIntrye pulling a "double-shift", late 1970s.
donny_fulmer_2.jpg (28790 bytes)
Donny Fulmer getting ready to pull some unlucky driver out of a snowbank, late 1970s.
jessica_damion_cameron.jpg (41010 bytes)
Jessica and Damion Cameron, mid- to late-1970s.
troy_hope_donny_fulmer.jpg (32601 bytes)
Donny Fulmer takes it on the chin from a young Troy Hope. Circa 1976.

snowmobilerace.jpg (62184 bytes)
Schmoo Daze snowmobile races, circa 1977.
Standing: "Brother" Lloyd Caithcart (sp?), Don Lyster partially obscured by Valdemar Isidoro.

schmoo_daze_1970s.jpg (53188 bytes)
Schmoo Daze frivolity during snowfall, 1978. Brian Chandler (?), Wayne Mayell, Jeanie Hochhausen, "Bestos" the Schmoo Daze Mascot (Ass "bestos"), unknown, Rolly Grimm
tailings_pile.jpg (104636 bytes)
Raven's-eye view of the tailings pile, late 1970s or early 1980s.
hockey.jpg (27224 bytes)
Hockey game in the Cassiar arena, late 1970s.
billy_elsner.jpg (19335 bytes)
Billy Elsner takes Katie Barshanger (sp?) for a ride on Atan Lake, near McDame Post. Late 1970s.
bus_driver.jpg (28379 bytes)
Bob Watson, bus driver to Watson Lake, 1975-1981
jan_kaplicky.jpg (33657 bytes)
Jan Kaplicky (deceased)

muriel_2.jpg (26645 bytes)
 Muriel Havard

bill_riddle.jpg (19272 bytes)
 Bill Riddle (deceased)
marie_anderson_2.jpg (26440 bytes)
Marie Anderson decorating a cake.
irene_anderson.jpg (19827 bytes)
Irene Anderson playing "500-up" at McDame Post, 1978
tim_mccarroll.jpg (28014 bytes)
 Tim McCarroll, 1975
ron_schmidt_2.jpg (21811 bytes)
 Ron Schmidt during Highway #37 upgrade, 1978-9
glenn_hope_2.jpg (26050 bytes)
 Glenn Hope (deceased), Quartz Creek, 1972 
18_wheeler.jpg (12422 bytes)
Eighteen-wheeler crossing the old Quartz Creek Bridge in dusty conditions. June 1980. A real safety hazard. Single lane traffic only and the trucks had to keep up their speed to make it up the hill!
lamplight_poker.jpg (32101 bytes)
Bill Elsner & Ron Scmidt playing lamplight poker at Atan Lake near McDame Post. June 1980
pene_kenny_1.jpg (23681 bytes)
Pene Kenny, July 1976
tonya_hope.jpg (17194 bytes)
Tonya Hope, August 1980
jack_worsell.jpg (24777 bytes)
Jack Worsell (sp?) showing off his outdoors shaving technique. Note the snow! March 1981
dorothy_ron.jpg (30812 bytes)
Dorothy Chambers (nee Young) and Ron Schmidt in the "big house" at Quartz Creek, 1980.
log_cabin.jpg (31460 bytes)
Building a log cabin the old fashioned way. Jack Worsell (sp?),  Monty Sveen & ? 
plantsite.jpg (26260 bytes)
Raven's eye view of the plant site, July 1980
rainbow.jpg (12782 bytes)
Double Rainbow over Cassiar Road, August 1980

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