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bar_2.jpg (33194 bytes)
At the bar
Rene Passiaud (glasses & necktie)
Marge McKenzie at the back with light green jacket
bunkhouse_party_1958.jpg (41123 bytes)
Bunkhouse Party
Tommy on left
bar_1.jpg (34267 bytes)
At the bar
labour_day_1957 ladies_nail_driving.jpg (59903 bytes)
Labour Day 1957
Ladies Nail Driving Competition
Rupert McKenzie on left, officiating
labour_day_1957_pillow_fight.jpg (68107 bytes)
Labour Day 1957
Men's Pillow Fight
Rupert McKenzie on left
Bill Corran on far right.
labour_day_1957_wheelbarrow_races.jpg (70034 bytes)
Labour Day 1957
Wheelbarrow Races
party_1_1958.jpg (75951 bytes)
Party, 1958
Front Row: ?, Paul Ripco?, Robert Duri, Frank Nitti with beard?, Stan Travnik with accordion & foot cast. Woman wearing glasses at centre photo is Jane Evans (Parker). Man immediately in front of & leaning on Jane's right shoulder is Ed Thirlwell.
Middle Row: Tommy Ruehl behind woman, Joan Martin
party_2_1958.jpg (86020 bytes)
Same party, 1958
steve_sommers_maxine_max_joan_martin.jpg (28034 bytes)
Steve Sommers, Maxine, Max & Joan Martin
rettich_bastian_zimmerman.jpg (27635 bytes)
Konrad Rettich, Margaret Bastian, Walter Zimmerman, Karl Bastian & Jochen Hiusmann, late 1950s-early 60s
zimmerman_raus_lackner_etc.jpg (37619 bytes)
Walter Zimmerman, Otto Raus, Max Lackner, Max Uuser (mostly covered) by Tommy Ruehl
muddy_springtime_outside_cookery.jpg (57192 bytes)
Muddy Springtime outside the Cookery

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