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"Working above the clouds"
Cassiar townsite is down there somewhere, ...honest!
cassiar_from_mountain.jpg (81350 bytes)
Cassiar Townsite
note the skihill
cassiar_firehall.jpg (25879 bytes)
Cassiar Fire Hall
Connell Drive
cassiar_office_1960.jpg (27320 bytes)
Cassiar Office
voss_house_1958.jpg (38092 bytes)
Voss House 1958
236 Kennedy Street
bill_stories_house.jpg (43753 bytes)
Vicky & John Quigley's/Heinz & Willie Osterburg's & Bill Storie's houses
early_cassiar_from_skihill.jpg (21465 bytes)
Early Cassiar from Skihill
Note the asbestos dust cloud
early_cassiar_from_skihill_colour.jpg (59827 bytes)
Early Cassiar from Skihill
plansite_1960_1.jpg (41567 bytes)
Plantsite 1960
plansite_1960_2.jpg (63640 bytes)
Plantsite 1960
plantsite_1.jpg (35022 bytes)
Tramline crossing and Office in centre, tramline station on left
Townsite off in the distance
plantsite_2.jpg (39209 bytes)
plantsite_3.jpg (43650 bytes)
plantsite_4.jpg (25459 bytes)
Mill and dry rock storage building (sloped roof)
plantsite_5.jpg (44601 bytes)
Water tower and back of Office building in centre

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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