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In the 1950s & early 1960s soccer was an important part of Cassiar's social life and it was a good way to keep the single men living in the bunkhouses occupied too.  Teams represented various departments of the company. The season was short as Cassiar winters were so long but the soccer field was well used during suitable weather. There was good support and cheering from the townsfolk who came to watch and root for their favourite teams, sometimes watching from the comfort of their cars as bleachers were in short supply. I remember lots of honking of car horns and hurrays when goals were scored. Refreshments such as drinks & popsicles were served at the Snack Bar, much to the delight of the children not interested in soccer.
machine_shop_team_1959 champs.jpg (54973 bytes)   machine_shop_team_1959_champs_2.jpg (48255 bytes)
Machine Shop Team -  1959 Champs
Standing: Tommy Ruehl, Julio Tovani, Istavan (Steve) Sara, Hans Fischer,  Amato Picciano, Jacky Dullaghan & Jack Elwell - Coach & Manager
Kneeling: Aldo "Kinky" Borsato, Karl (Charly) Ruschiner, Joe Tisclorey, Romano Begoaro, Joe Seves.
soccer_allstars_1_1957.jpg (61339 bytes)
Soccer All Stars Team 1957
Karl Voss standing 2nd from left, Tommy standing on far right.
Others: Owen Durmin, Karl Karlson, Fred Krause, John Falkenberg, Frank Hilbing, Karl Jockel, Pete Glatzel, Les Filby, Cy Saggers, Kevin Loftus, Al French & Jack Dullaghan
Hans Mischkovitz standing off to the right
mine_soccer_team_1959.jpg (73059 bytes)
Mine Soccer Team 1959
Danny Demitri in white shirt. Bob Kennealy kneeling on far right.
soccer_team_2.jpg (55607 bytes)
Soccer Team
soccer_team_3.jpg (59221 bytes)
Soccer Team
Standing: Tommy 3rd from left, Karl Voss far right
soccer_team_4.jpg (46384 bytes)
Soccer Team
Kneeling: Danny Demitri 2nd from left, Felice Picciano 2nd from right.
Standing: Dino Picciano on the left. Robert Duri 3rd from left
soccer_team_5.jpg (47289 bytes)
Soccer Team
Tommy kneeling on left
cassiar_team_yukon_tournament_1963.jpg (71275 bytes)
Cassiar Soccer Team representing Cassiar at Yukon Tournament, 1963
Standing: Don Ritchat, Gino Fresoc, Georg Be..?, ... Santos,  ?, Kirk Brown & Kurt Tischler
Kneeling: Adolf Untergberger, Pietro ?, Johnny Latorre, Salvatore Latorre, Tommy Ruehl
soccer_awards_1_1959.jpg (30130 bytes)
Soccer Awards 1959
Ed Thirwell handing trophy to Tommy Ruehl. Aldo "Kinky" Borsato in red jacket?
charly_and_steve.jpg (36095 bytes)
Charly and Steve, Tommy's soccer buddies

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