Walter Volovsek's Page. 1956-1957

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235_kennedy_1.jpg (35677 bytes)
Mila and Walter Volovsek, at the house 235 Kennedy St.
235_kennedy_2.jpg (34863 bytes)
Mila and Walter Volovsek, at the house 235 Kennedy St.
frank_mila_volovsek.jpg (64861 bytes)
Frank & Mila Volovsek in their driveway on Kennedy St.
frank_car_1957.jpg (51886 bytes)
Frank with first family car. (1957 licence plate).
frank_machineshop.jpg (34326 bytes)
Frank at work in the Machine Shop
frank_walter_mila.jpg (64137 bytes)
 Frank, Walter & Mila. Walter is holding Osterburg's cat "Cash".
Note: see "Cash the Cat" in Trivia section.
The Volovsek's second car was a white Austin that matched the Daum's first car, differing only in upholstery colour.
at_lake.jpg (60595 bytes)
Mila & Walter at a lake, perhaps Simmons Lake
kennedy_st.jpg (48758 bytes)
 Ladie's residence across Kennedy Street from the Daum house
mila_frank_fishing.jpg (66227 bytes)
 Mila & Frank fishing, perhaps the Cottonwood River
mila_fred_meyer.jpg (53638 bytes)
 Mila & Fred Meyer with his new Chevy (1957 licence late). Osterburg's house behind. You can see the thermidor (the pipe boxes) connecting the houses.
mila_rudolf_hedwig_aldrian.jpg (67881 bytes)
 Mila, Rudolf & Hedwig Aldrian on the Dease Lake Road (which eventually opened up to become Highway 37, the Cassiar - Stewart Highway.)
mila_hedwig_charlie.jpg (81795 bytes)
 Mila & Hedwig Aldrian going fishing with Charlie Shorlenmeyer on the Cottonwood River
mila_walter_confirmation.jpg (62571 bytes)
Mila & Walter at his  confirmation
savo_walter_mila.jpg (52107 bytes)
 Savo Birsa, Walter & Mila on Kennedy Street
volovseks_voss_house.jpg (39865 bytes)
Frank, Mila & Walter in front of Voss's first house on Kennedy Street.
walter_mila_volovsek.jpg (67948 bytes)
Walter and Mila in their driveway on Kennedy Street.
walter_volovsek_1956.jpg (49680 bytes)
 Walter, above Troutline Creek
daums_visit_chilliwack.jpg (44250 bytes)
 Daum family visiting the Volovseks in Chilliwack, BC
Oskar & Herb Daum, Mila, infant Yasmin, Frank, Christel & Erna Daum
1996_1.jpg (65011 bytes)
Cassiar, late September 1996. Mila Volosek
1996_2.jpg (69076 bytes)
Cassiar, late September 1996. Skihill in the back.
Mila Volovsek with new husband Willy

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