Bill Royd's Reunion 2001

Here you will find my photos taken at the Cassiar Reunion which was held July 20-22, 2001 at the Silver Star Mountain Resort. Based on the number of sun-burned foreheads (mine included) depicted here it seems we were not prepared for the sun and the high altitude (4,000 feet).

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Reunion Organizer Kate Elhorn with mother Mary standing on her left.

Back: George Flake, Joyce Harris, Andre Beguin, Bill Royds & Frank Kliments
Front: Irmgard Tischler, Julie Caron, Bill Plumb, Hedwig Kliment

Frank Nitti, his friend Roxanne, George Flake & Frank Kliment.

Pat Watt (Brewer), Bill Royds and ?

Herb Daum receiving a gift from Sherry Sethen for his efforts towards the reunion.

Marge Loverin and ?
Julie Caron in rear

Bill Watson Sr (in back), Pat Watson, Frank Nitti and his friend Roxanne

Flo Beguin, Joyce Harris, Andre Beguin & ? in queue

Herb Daum & Sherry Sethen

Cam Church with his daughters and Andre Beguin

George Flake and former Cassiar Bank Manager

Oskar Daum & Steve Rudyianan

Saturday night dance
Bob Greenway behind woman in foreground

Saturday night dance queue

Saturday night dance foyer

Saturday night dance queue

Paul Royds with daughters Paige & Elysse

Bill Royds delivering 'Thank You" to Kate Elhorn. Sherry Sethen on right

Bill Plumb, Flo Beguin, Joyce Harris, George Flake, Andre Beguin, Bill Royds & Frank Kliment

Frank Nitti, Dianne Caron (O'Grady), Julie Caron and ?

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