Mini Reunion 2001 in Alberta

Christel Travnik (nee Daum), contributor of these photos, organized a Cassiar reunion in Devon, Alberta, in May 2001

Photo scanning by John Bertram

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ab01.jpg (23488 bytes)
Edmonton Journal reporter and Danny Travnik
ab02.jpg (28167 bytes)
Vickie & Al Cappis
ab03.jpg (25487 bytes)
Christel reading poetry
ab04.jpg (53578 bytes)
Mrs. Materna & John Materna and Lorraine Latka
ab05.jpg (38015 bytes)
Anna Creyke, Wilma Joseph (now Mapes), Lorraine & John Drzimotta
ab06.jpg (45015 bytes)
Dusty Millar, Elaine Selk & Dianne Wood Forbes
ab07.jpg (39500 bytes)
Robert Martschin & Jaden Travnik roasting marshmallows
ab08.jpg (33782 bytes)
Paul Ripco (deceased), Al & Vickie Cappis
ab09.jpg (44376 bytes)
Urbano "Moose" Medieras, Mel Hickmott, Vickie Cappis & Teri Cox
ab10.jpg (37383 bytes)
Elmer Scheeer, Mike Latka, Tyson Travnik, Christel &  Oskar Daum (deceased)
ab12.jpg (28740 bytes)
Terry Keefe
ab13.jpg (43141 bytes)
John Forbes & Oskar Daum (deceased)
ab14.jpg (47024 bytes)
Anna Creyke, Dianne & John Forbes
ab16.jpg (34186 bytes)
Mel Hickmott & Terri Cox
ab19.jpg (41574 bytes)
Lloyd Selk, Gail Keneally & husband & ?
ab20.jpg (33533 bytes)
Urbano "Moose" Medieras
ab21.jpg (35214 bytes)
Sonja (Hansma), Eva Lue Gavelin, Brian Chambers & Gerry Doran
ab22.jpg (44656 bytes)
Lorraine & John Drzimotta and  Francis Johnson
ab23.jpg (38362 bytes)
Ernie Gavelin, Gerry & Chris Doran, John & Dianne Forbes, Eva Lue Gavelin (behind John) & co-host Danny Travnik
ab24.jpg (40048 bytes)
Ernie Gavelin, Moose Medieros, Brian Chambers, Jill Dowgray, Dan Drzimotta, John & Lorraine Drzimotta
ab25.jpg (23604 bytes)
Eva Lue Gavelin
ab27.jpg (39504 bytes)
John Hartley, Eva Lue Gavelin & Anna Ripco (deceased)
ab32.jpg (35488 bytes)
Stan Travnik & Paul Ripco (deceased)
ab35.jpg (20868 bytes)
Linetta Hansma
ab36.jpg (38639 bytes)
Diane Forbes (Wood), Laurie Hanley (Bremner), Wilma Joseph (Mapes) & Frances Johnson
ab40.jpg (44647 bytes)
Oskar Daum (deceased), Mike Latka & Elmer Scheeler
ab39.jpg (34709 bytes)
Lloyd & Elaine Selk’s family

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