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Here you will find my photos taken at the Cassiar Reunion which was held July 20-22, 2001 at the Silver Star Mountain Resort. Based on the number of sun-burned foreheads (mine included) depicted here it seems we were not prepared for the sun and the high altitude (4,000 feet).

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resort_1.jpg (55683 bytes)
Silver Star Mountain Resort
registration_area.jpg (36764 bytes)
Registration area
registration_table.jpg (36307 bytes)
Registration Table
Reunion Organizer Kate Elhorn at the back in white t-shirt
crowd_1.jpg (49520 bytes)
Crowd milling about the registration area.
Muriel York on left in pink
crowd_2.jpg (48772 bytes)
Crowd milling about the registration area.
kate_elhorn_herb_daum.jpg (49748 bytes)
Reunion Organizer Kate Ehhorn and Webmaster Herb Daum
cassiar_decal.jpg (22642 bytes)
Creative use of the "Cassiar Sign" intended to be printed and taped to rear windows of vehicles headed for the reunion. Dan & Lucy Legros had a decal made.
insight_film_crew_brian_carone.jpg (47270 bytes)
Insight Film and Video Crew (Todd, Todd & MaryLou) and Brian Caron, working on Cassiar episode for History TV channel.


bill_plumb_shaw_tv.jpg (53679 bytes)
Bill Plumb being interviewed by Shaw TV
barb_bill_plumb.jpg (43714 bytes)
Barbara & Bill Plumb
arnold_alex_helen_joseph.jpg (37432 bytes)
Arnold, Alex & Helen Joseph (now Harrison)
arnold_joseph.jpg (32015 bytes)
Arnold Joseph
Drinking from the "fountain of youth". Doesn't look any older than in 1984!
alex_joseph.jpg (37805 bytes)
Alex Joseph
bill_royds.jpg (48645 bytes)
Bill Royds
bob_greenway.jpg (58239 bytes)
Bob Greenway
bob_kager.jpg (38120 bytes)
Bob Kager
bob_kager_diane_caron.jpg (41368 bytes)
Bob Kager and Diane Caron (now O'Grady)
bob_mccauley.jpg (55317 bytes)
Bob McCauley (deceased)
carol_logan.jpg (52928 bytes)
Carole Logan (now Gobes)
cesar_isidoro_roger_borsato.jpg (47519 bytes)
Cesar Isidoro & Roger Borsato
christel_danny_travnik.jpg (52476 bytes)
Christel (nee Daum) & Danny Travnik

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