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Here you will find my photos taken at the Cassiar Reunion which was held July 20-22, 2001 at the Silver Star Mountain Resort. Based on the number of sun-burned foreheads (mine included) depicted here it seems we were not prepared for the sun and the high altitude (4,000 feet).

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dale_carin.jpg (40577 bytes)
Dale Carin
deirdre_joan_ridley_erich_koberling.jpg (57051 bytes)
Deirdre Normoyle (now Fitzpatrick), Joan Ridley & Erich Koberling
deirdre_normoyle.jpg (63268 bytes)
Deirdre Normoyle (now Fitzpatrick)
denise_borsato.jpg (40700 bytes)
Denise Borsato
denise_borsato_gina_duri.jpg (34207 bytes)
Denise Borsato & Gina Duri
diane_brian_paul_caron.jpg (62691 bytes)
Diane (now O'Grady), Brian & Paul Caron
diane_paul_julie_brian_val_caron.jpg (55980 bytes)
Diane (now O'Grady), Paul, Julie, Brian & Val (Brian's wife) Caron
dianne_stewart.jpg (33036 bytes)
Dianne Stewart (now Callbreath)
dianne_brian_deirde.jpg (33866 bytes)
Dianne Stewart (now Callbreath), Brian Caron & Deirdre Normoyle (now Fitzpatrick)
douglas_cook.jpg (56364 bytes)
Douglas Cook
drago_lagarusic.jpg (55568 bytes)
Drago Lagarusic
ed_kokoska.jpg (39256 bytes)
Ed Kokoska
ed_komperdo_arlene_frank_nitti.jpg (47435 bytes)
Ed & Arlene (nee Borsato) Komperdo & Frank Nitti

frank_elizabeth_egyd_dave_troughton.jpg (60183 bytes)
Frank & Elizabeth Egyd (nee Troughton) & David Troughton
David came from Australia!

george_flake_bill_royds.jpg (37948 bytes)
George Flake (deceased) & Bill Royds
geraldine_mckiernan_herb_daum.jpg (31239 bytes)
Geraldine "Gerry" McKiernan & Herb Daum
gerry_gramek_annie.jpg (47277 bytes)
Gerry Gramek & Annie Frank
gina_duri_anna_guarducci_lee_coran.jpg (46924 bytes)
Gina Duri, Anna Guarducci & Lee Coran
graham_baker.jpg (50933 bytes)
Graham Baker
heinz_willi_osterburg.jpg (35559 bytes)
Heinz & Willi Osterburg
They came from California
helen_ayers.jpg (35733 bytes)
Helen Ayers

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