Herb Daum's Reunion 2001 Page 3

Here you will find my photos taken at the Cassiar Reunion which was held July 20-22, 2001 at the Silver Star Mountain Resort. Based on the number of sun-burned foreheads (mine included) depicted here it seems we were not prepared for the sun and the high altitude (4,000 feet).

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gerry_kamlah.jpg (59114 bytes)
Gerry Kamlah
gordie_missus_kamlah.jpg (35831 bytes)
Gordie Kamlah & Heather Vallencourt
lil_kamlah.jpg (41369 bytes)
Lil Kamlah
helen_riddle.jpg (58258 bytes)
Helen Riddle (now Giffen-Coe)
herb_daum_bob_mccauley.jpg (50354 bytes)
Herb Daum & Bob McCauley (deceased)
herb_daum_brian_caron_robert_storie.jpg (39326 bytes)
Herb Daum, Brian Caron & Robert Storie
herb_daum_cookie_tomashewski.jpg (47050 bytes)
Herb Daum & Cookie Tomashewski (now Gibson)
iréne_roger_connie_cousins.jpg (40003 bytes)
Iréna, Roger & Connie Cousins
iréne_roger_connie_cousins_herb.jpg (27916 bytes)
Iréna, Roger & Connie Cousins & Herb Daum
janet_knutsen_jack_berry_barb_grenier.jpg (48031 bytes)
Janice Knutsen, Jack Berry, & Barb Grenier
jeannie_hochhaussen.jpg (60174 bytes)
Jeannie Hochhausen (now Brown)

jim_harvey_callow.jpg (45622 bytes)
Jim & Harvey Callow
Jim has had a stroke
jim_margretta_mcguiness.jpg (40797 bytes)
Jim & Margretta McGuiness
joanne_parsons.jpg (57544 bytes)
Joanne Parsons (now Voss)
joe_van_raalte.jpg (35637 bytes)
Joe Van Raalte
john_knapton_dave_chapple_wayne_canning.jpg (29697 bytes)
John Knapton, Dave Chapple & Wayne Canning
john_rosemarie_bertram.jpg (27904 bytes)
John & Rosemarie Bertram
kate_elhorn.jpg (47211 bytes)
Kate Elhorn
george_drzimotta_urbano_medeiros.jpg (45503 bytes)
George Drzimotta & Urbano "Moose" Medeiros
heather_joseph_greg_morgan.jpg (40072 bytes)
Heather (nee Joseph) & Greg Morgan
keith_wilma_mapes.jpg (36358 bytes)
Keith & Wilma Mapes (nee Joseph)

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