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Here you will find my photos taken at the Cassiar Reunion which was held July 20-22, 2001 at the Silver Star Mountain Resort. Based on the number of sun-burned foreheads (mine included) depicted here it seems we were not prepared for the sun and the high altitude (4,000 feet).

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john_diane_robert_richard_forbes.jpg (49547 bytes)
John, Diane (nee Wood), Robert & Richard "Dicky" Forbes (deceased)
jennifer_forbes.jpg (41251 bytes)
Jennifer Forbes (now Gardner)
She came from California
robert_forbes.jpg (36417 bytes)
Robert Forbes
diane_wood.jpg (43393 bytes)
Diane Wood (now Forbes)
john_forbes.jpg (44601 bytes)
John Forbes
kinky_borsato.jpg (34470 bytes)
Aldo "Kinky" Borsato
laurie_hanley.jpg (43808 bytes)
Laurie Hanley (now Bremner)
laurie_hanley_deirde_normoyle_dianne_stewart.jpg (35211 bytes)
Laurie Hanley (now Bremner), Deirdre Normoyle (now Fitzpatrick) & Diane Stewart (now Callbreath)
laurie_hanley_marge_loverin.jpg (47420 bytes)
Laurie Hanley (now Bremner) & Marge Loverin
les_missus_tevely.jpg (33365 bytes)
Les & Doreen Tevely
les_missus_tevely_valdemar_isidoro.jpg (32501 bytes)
Les & Doreen Tevely & Valdemar Isidoro
lothar_irmgard_tischler.jpg (35511 bytes)
Lothar & Irmgard Tischler
lothar_juraski_harmut_hilger.jpg (53858 bytes)
Lothar Juraski & Hartmut Hilger
marge_loverin.jpg (41778 bytes)
Marge Loverin
herb_daum_douglas_cook_brian_caron.jpg (32393 bytes)
Herb Daum, Douglas Cook & Brian Caron

marie_borsato.jpg (37201 bytes)
Marie Borsato (now Little)
marilyn_cindy_bob_mccauley.jpg (37835 bytes)
Marilyn, Cindy & Bob McCauley (deceased)
mary_comper_vivian_kneller.jpg (45046 bytes)
Mary Comper (now Comper-Poulin) and Vivian Kneller
mary_connolly_laurie_hanley.jpg (42961 bytes)
Mary Connolly (now Lowe) and Laurie Hanley (now Bremner)
mike_damour.jpg (41551 bytes)
Mike D'Amour

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