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Here you will find my photos taken at the Cassiar Reunion which was held July 20-22, 2001 at the Silver Star Mountain Resort. Based on the number of sun-burned foreheads (mine included) depicted here it seems we were not prepared for the sun and the high altitude (4,000 feet).

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muriel_york.jpg (39526 bytes)
Muriel York
pat_robert_storie.jpg (35626 bytes)
Pat (now Borsato) & Robert Storie
paul_caron.jpg (31330 bytes)
Paul Caron
bill_watson_sr.jpg (51734 bytes)
Bill Watson Sr.
pat_watson.jpg (33921 bytes)
Pat Watson
bill_watson_jr.jpg (25291 bytes)
Bill Watson Jr.
peggy_tomashewski.jpg (43555 bytes)
Peggy Tomashewski (now Folvic)
pirrko_merilainen.jpg (46445 bytes)
Pirrko-Liisa Merilainen (now McQuitty)
peter_hedwig_frank_kliment.jpg (53282 bytes)
Peter, Hedwig & Frank Kliment
richard_knowles.jpg (31699 bytes)
Richard Knowles
robert_gina_duri.jpg (33496 bytes)
Robert (deceased) & Gina Duri
ron_krebs.jpg (50038 bytes)
Ron Krebs
scott_purdy.jpg (57539 bytes)
Scott Purdy
tom_cookie_gibson.jpg (47641 bytes)
Tom & Cookie Gibson (nee Tomashewski)
tony_coran_kinky_borsato.jpg (32373 bytes)
Tony Coran & Aldo "Kinky" Borsato
tony_lee_coran_kinky_borsato.jpg (39429 bytes)
Tony & Lee Coran & Aldo "Kinky" Borsato
valdemar_isidoro.jpg (59295 bytes)
Valdemar Isidoro
Drinking from the "fountain of youth". Doesn't look any older than in 1983!
wally_johnny_drzimotta.jpg (40482 bytes)
Wally & Johnny Drzimotta
wally_sons_johnny_drzimotta.jpg (53512 bytes)
Wally, Layla, Dane & Johnny Drzimotta
zlatko_kavaz_bill_niemyer_jay_lee.jpg (50289 bytes)
Zlatko "Goldie" Kavaz, Bill Niemeyer & Jay Lee

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