Margretta MgGuinness's Reunion 2001 Page

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margretta_1.jpg (45161 bytes)
Steven Howard, Warrick Elhorn, Drew Clark, Mark Wypch, Justin Borasto, Damian & Sinead McGuinness
margretta_2.jpg (54524 bytes)
Damian McGuinness, Daphne Canning, Wayne Canning, Sinead McGuinness, Jim McGuinness, Steven Howard, Sarah canning & Margretta McGuinness
margretta_3.jpg (45534 bytes)
Jim, Damian & Margretta McGuinness
margretta_4.jpg (39329 bytes)
Herb Daum & Margretta McGuinness
margretta_5.jpg (44183 bytes)
Margretta McGuinness & David Hogg
margretta_6.jpg (27215 bytes)
Herb Daum, Val & Brian Caron
margretta_7.jpg (46870 bytes)
Justin Borasto & Steven Howard
margretta_8.jpg (56707 bytes)
Steven Howard, Marie Penno & Margretta McGuinness
margretta_9.jpg (41824 bytes)
Daphne Canning, Marilyn Downton, Wayne Canning, Jim and Margretta McGuinness, Marge Loverin, and Bruce Downton
margretta_10.jpg (47738 bytes)
Sinead McGuinness & Chris Evan
margretta_11.jpg (40633 bytes)
Bruce ?, Wayne & Daphne Canning, Margretta & Jim McGuinness &
Marge Loverin
margretta_12.jpg (42150 bytes)
Merv Pryer, David Hogg, Jim & Margretta McGuinness, Wayne Canning &
Bettyann Pryer

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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