Pat Watson's Reunion 2001 Page

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bill_jr_mark_charboneau.jpg (42621 bytes)
Bill Watson Jr. & Mark Charboneau
frances_short_wendy_strachan.jpg (46808 bytes)
Frances "Butch" Short & Wendy Strachan
george_caros.jpg (28626 bytes)
George Caros & daughters
heather_mike_damour.jpg (44119 bytes)
Heather & Mike D'Amour
henny_luigi_robichaud.jpg (51763 bytes)
Henny & Luigi Robichaud
ian_helen_reid.jpg (55132 bytes)
Ian & Helen Reid
sherry_chapple_2001.jpg (33746 bytes)
Sherry Chapple
tracey_roberts_bill_jr.jpg (44842 bytes)
Tracey Roberts & Bill Watson Jr.
wayne_daphine_canning.jpg (60955 bytes)
Wayne & Daphne Canning
bernald_kinki_borsato.jpg (44768 bytes)
Bernald & Aldo "Kinky" Borsato
helen_read.jpg (50512 bytes)
Helen Read
marge_loverin.jpg (34366 bytes)
Marge Loverin
pat_massin.jpg (36194 bytes)
Pat Massin
scott_unk.jpg (30944 bytes)
Scott Smith
vivan_sister.jpg (33944 bytes)
Vivian Haas and sister Darlene Carter

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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