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asbestos_fibres.jpg (23442 bytes)
Sample box of Cassiar's asbestos fibres.
ann_sn_susan_prosser.jpg (35342 bytes)
Ann McPhee (nee Smidt-Nielsen) and Susan Hyam (nee Prosser) with their husbands
ann_schmidt_neilsen.jpg (23088 bytes)
Ann Smidt-Nielsen
connie_cousins_betty_cameron.jpg (22560 bytes)
Connie Cousins & Betty Cameron
cindy_mccauley.jpg (35565 bytes)
Cindy McCauley. Wayne Canning behind her. Dave Cook behind him in cap. Herb Daum back left in yellow shirt. Tony Pinto back right in black cap.
connie_cousins_helen_read.jpg (32472 bytes)
Connie Cousins & Helen Read (Ayers)
frank_nitti.jpg (27439 bytes)
Frank Nitti
mary_connelly.jpg (29626 bytes)
Mary Connelly
otto_kliment_wife.jpg (31212 bytes)
Otto Kliment & wife
patt_watt.jpg (28693 bytes)
Patt Watt (deceased)
tod_friend.jpg (26211 bytes)
Tod ? & Rose Peregoodoff (nee Loverin)
tony_pinto.jpg (19231 bytes)
Tony Pinto
two_women.jpg (26277 bytes)
Lillian Whiteside & Verna Collette
vic_judy_pearson.jpg (35504 bytes)
Vic & Judy Pearson
vic_pearson.jpg (31277 bytes)
Vic Pearson & Fred Hewett
unidentified_woman.jpg (35281 bytes)
? Do you know who this ?

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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