Reunion 2001, Rose's Cassiar Quilt

The Cassiar Quilt

In the early stages of planning the Cassiar Reunion Kate Elhorn was looking for ideas on fund raising. I had mentioned to her how about someone could make a quilt to be either auctioned off or raffled, not once thinking that I would be the one making the quilt. This came to my attention when I visited the web-site and it was written that I was making a quilt. Can you imagine my surprise at reading this!

So, I was put to the challenge of trying to put the Cassiar we all knew onto material. I had posted messages on the message board looking for pictures of Bestos at first not thinking that I was going to put pictures together to form a quilt. Then I got some pictures from Brian Horst, Pat Watson, my mom Marge Loverin , my sister D.J. Loverin, and Darlene Creyke. The pictures were of people, keepsakes, and buildings of Cassiar. So after viewing the pictures I decided what a wonderful idea. Make the quilt of pictures, so after many hours of scanning, cropping, printing, fighting with the computer, and fighting with my sewing machine the quilt came to life. On the quilt there are pictures of the Catholic Church, hockey arena, the boys minor hockey, the hockey team Producers, a few ladies from their hockey team, Schmoo Daze events, pictures of children at a birthday party, Ray Elhorn, Johnny Taku Jack, a napkin from the Cassiar Community Club Lounge, an ashtray, Cassiar Lions Club banner, Members from a Lions Club meeting in 1972, the old tramline, Marge and Don Loverin in the early "70"s adds from the Cassiar Courier, write ups from the Whitehorse Star about the Town on the Block, Mine Closure write ups, a picture of Cassiar in the early '70's then a picture of the town in about the late '80's on top of the quilt I put the "Cassiar... do you remember?" logo from Herb Daum's website [this website]." And in the Four Corners I painted the Cassiar logo, the orange triangles.

When I got to the resort, I was worried that the quilt didn't represent Cassiar. After comments from everyone, I knew then that I had succeeded in my challenge.

The winner of the quilt was Mr. John Forbes. 

Still waiting to hear from Kate as to how much was raised from the quilt. I understand the funds raised went towards the reunion.

Rose Loverin
August 1, 2001

I think the Rose did a wonderful job with this quilt and I envy John. I am sure he will cherish this piece of Cassiar's history.



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