Herb Daum's Page 1 Reunion 2004

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Group Photo - not everyone was present.

Unfortunately I was unable to get everyone's photo, even with Jonathan's help. There just wasn't enough time and some people made limited appearances.
Her Honour Iona Campognola signed the guest book as follows:

To the remarkable and enduring spirit of the People of Cassiar.
You will keep its memory green (as asbestos!) forever.

Head Table: Don Munton (Suzanne's partner), Her Honour Iona Campognola, Dr. Suzanne LeBlanc, Herb Daum

Herb Daum and Dr. Suzanne LeBlanc

Herb Daum presenting souvenir reunion mug to Her Honour Iona Campognola.

Al Taylor

Arno and Klaus Herman (brothers)

Bob Greenway

Brian Baldwin

Carol Logan (now Gobes)

Charles "Chuck" and KateMolloy

Chnistel Daum (now Travnik) with son Jaden

Claudette Heguy (now Hawkins) and Henry "Karl" Hawkins

Cor and Tom Lobbes (brothers)

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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