School Days from the 1950s and 1960s

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Cassiar School 1955-56
Because there are so many people here the photo is organized into 4 sections, A, B, C & D, left to right. The sections are divided by imaginary vertical lines drawn between the white triangles located top and bottom
Photo contributed by Robert Forbes

The building is the old community club, viewed from the soccer field. It had a folding wall across the center of it to make two school rooms: Grades 1-4 and 5-8. A new school was built and the old one became the pool hall when they built the new community center. The old school was used as a community center, church, theater. The original pool hall was on the end which became the snack bar and they added a lounge/bar on to the other end.
Historical information contributed by John Forbes, Student for Grades 5 & 6 in old school

Section A
Back Row: Teacher Nolan Peters, ? , Peter Glatzel or Doug McKenzie (deceased), ?,  ?

Second Row: Margaret Merchant, Walter Volovsek, Darlene Wilson (deceased)

Front Row: ? , Chris Lackner , Joan Hanley (deceased), Francis Davis , Jennifer Forbes
Section B
Back Row: Walter Hanley, Jean Scrimger, Peggy Van Raalte (Deceased)

Second Row: Ron Krebs , ? , Rick Wilson, ?,

Front Row - Henry Brill, Ed Hanley, John Murray, Margie Scrimger, John Forbes

Section C
Back Row: Renate Voss, Millie Forbes,  Marion Beyer

Second Row: 

Front Row: John Berry, ? , Beverley Van Raalte (now Borody)

Section D
Back Row: Carol McKenzie (deceased), Mabel ?, Barbara Glatzell

Front Row: Pirkko Merilainen, Peter Voss, ?, Billy Merchant

christmas_concert_1957_1.jpg (52695 bytes)
Christmas Concert 1957
Contributed by Renate Voss (now Ruehl)
christmas_concert_1957_2.jpg (67909 bytes)
Christmas Concert 1957
Peter Davies (Personel Manager), Marg McKenzie (sitting), Stanley Stewart, Pirko Lajunen, John Forbes (facing crowd), Renate Voss with Santa, Edward Hanley (glasses & holding paper bag), Principal Art McAndrew (head bowed)
Contributed by Renate Voss (now Ruehl)
eileen_orr_class_1960.jpg (63411 bytes)
Mr. Pritchard's Class of 1960
Back Row: Mr. Pritchard, Diane Ritchat, Peter Jonikeit, Marion Beyer, ?, Lydia Jack, Ed Hanley

Middle Row: Harmut Hilger, Diane Stewart, Roger Borsato, Eileen Orr, Peter Voss

Front Row: Molly Velton (now Dennis), John Murray, Kathy Horsely, Wolfgang Beyer, Jennifer Forbes
Contributed by Eileen Orr

mrs_pritchards_class_1960_1.jpg (60468 bytes)
Mr. Pritchard's Class of 1961

Back Row: ?, ?, Marion Beyers, Walter Hanley, Peter Jonikheit, Mike Bastien, Barbara Glatzell, Keith Bailey,  Doug McKenzie, Carol McKenzie,  Renata Voss, Stan Stewart, Mabel ?, Mr. Pritchard

Center Row: Kathy Horsley, Jennifer Forbes, Wolfgang Beyer (mouth open), Billy Merchant, John Murray, Hartmut Hilger?

Front Row: Fern Williams, Diane Stewart, Molly Velton, Joan Hanley, Ed Hanley, Peter Voss
Contributed by Diane Stewart (Callbreath)

Harry Weston's Class of 1961

Fourth row: Mr. Weston,  Judy Molnar?,  Jimmie Storie, May (?) Willie Pete (Tashoots), Deirdre Normoyle, Edward Prior, Jackie Turgeon.

Third row: Nigel Bailey, Hannah Jack, Dicky Forbes, Fern Williams, Mark Horsley, Irene Joseph,
Freddie Velton, Larry Stewart, Rickie Saunders

Second row: Roland Hilger, Lynne Sampson, Donald N, Judy Jonigkeit, Raymond Ritchat, Patricia Storie, Kevin
N, Susan Horsley, Diane Caron, Michael (?)

Front row: Wolfgang Juraski, Bonnie Ludits?, Melvin Pete (Tashoots)
Contributed by Harry Weston

Miss Husak's Class of 1960?

Back row: Melvin Pete, Freddie Velton, Fern Williams (?), Richard (Dicky) Forbes, Valdemar Isidoro, Christine Jestico, Mark Horsley, Teacher Miss Husak?

Front row: Roland Hilger, Irene Joseph (or Molly Velton ?), Wolfgang (or his brother Norman ?) Juraski, Antonio Isidoro, Kathy McAndrew, Larry Stewart, Jack Nitti.
Contributed by Roland & Harmut Hilger

mr_westons_class.jpg (46814 bytes)
Mr.Weston's Grade 6 Class of 1960

Back  row:  Mr.Weston, Deirdre Normoyle, Diane Ritchat, Jimmy Storie

Second row: Richard Forbes, Melvin Pete, Jackie Turgeon, Freddie Velton, Nigel Bailey

Front row: Mark Horsley, Larry Stewart. Roland Hilger, Fern Williams?, Irene Joseph
Contributed by Roland & Harmut Hilger

Miss Ridley's Grade 1 Class, 1960
Back row:
Miss  Joan Ridley,  Helen Joseph, Donny Sampson, ?, ?, ?, ?, Robert Storie

Middle row: Hector Dennis, Gerald Forbes, Brian Caron, Theo VanHeel, Kathleen Hanley, Denise Borsato, ?, Florene Dennis

Front row: Jan Wilkens, Teddy Lonnergan, Otto Kliment, Barbara Tashoots, Herb Daum, Bobbie Kennealy
Contributed by Herb Daum

Miss Ridley's Grade 1+2 Class, 1961
Miss Joan Ridley

Back row: Bobbie Kennealy, Barbara Tashoots, Jan Wilkens, Annie Pete, Hector Dennis, Helen Joseph, Kathleen Hanley, Otto Kliment, Karen Murdoch, Sylvia Steinert

Middle row: Gordie Callender, Brian Caron, Christel Daum, Adelino
Disonisio, Wendy Molloy, Mark Donner (or Neil Jefferies), Laurie Hanley, Theo VanHeel, Paul Wilkman, Allan Callender

Front row: Alex Joseph, Herb Daum, Leo Duri, Annie Pete, Florene Dennis, Hank Williams (and somebody hiding behind him - Jimmy Normoyle?) & "Chester" (Miss Ridley's dog)
Contributed by Herb Daum

summer_1965_lawn_crew.jpg (66925 bytes)
In 1965 the company put idle 15 year old boys to work landscaping the townsite.
André Rivard (deceased), Eddy Prior,  Norman Day?, Richard (Dicky) Forbes, Freddie Velton, Valdemar Isidoro, Roland Hilger, Tony Isidoro
Submitted by Roland & Harmut Hilger
Christmas_Concert_1963.jpg (34713 bytes)
Christmas Concert, 1963?
Front Row: Gerald Forbes, Denise Borsato & Herb Daum
Contributed by Herb Daum
Christmas_Concert_1964.jpg (31889 bytes)
Christmas Concert, 1964?
Contributed by Herb Daum
Christmas_Concert_1965.jpg (57408 bytes)
Christmas Concert 1965?
3 Kings on left: Leo Duri?, Herb Daum (black makeup), Alex T. Joseph
"Mary" is Laurie Kennealy.
Gerald Forbes standing behind cradle?
And the rest ?? anyone?
Contributed by Herb Daum
Dale_Bunce.jpg (22619 bytes)
Dale D. Bunce, Grade 5? 1965?
Contributed by Herb Daum

Art McAndrew, School Teacher and Principal
Contributed by Granddaughter Tiffaney Daniels